I was listening to your CD Amor Prohibido and besides one or two songs, it
doesn’t sound too much like Tejano.
“That’s true. We have experimented a little. I am sure you can tell there
are different combinations of music with Tex-Mex and Tejano music or the
roots of it, especially with a couple of songs, ‘Norteno’ and the Tejano
song “Corbarde.” I think that has been one of the keys to the success of
the band, There is a little bit of a crossover in the music even though
it’s still Mexicano.
Your musical career is a family affair. Tell is a little bit about it.
“My father is the manager of the group. My brother is the producer; he
writes and arranges most of the music. My sister is the drummer and my
husband is the guitar player. It is a family group, a nice piece of group,
the rest of the guys in the band are also considered family.”
How did your sister get into playing the drums” It’s very rare for a girl
to play drums.
“My sister started playing the drums because the band was actually a family
hobby, it was my father, my brother, and myself that actually started the
band. We had a cousin playing drums for us. When he went back to
Washington, my father, naturally, looked at my sister and said, “We are
going to do something with this girl, We’re going to put her to work,”
That’s how she got into playing the drums.”
Are there other family members that don’t play in the band?
“No, there’s just the three of us: my brother, my sister and myself.”
And your father?
“He is no longer in the band now. He got out so he could manage us.”
You started singing at a very early age.
“I started singing when I was six and a half and we’d perform for
relatives. My father would do this show-off-the-kids type of thing. I was
very shy and I hated it. I used to cry and throw my little tantrums. I
didn’t want to sing in front of anybody because I was too shy.”
“My father had this dream of opening up a restaurant. At the time he worked
for Dow Chemical and used his savings to open up a restaurant,
the “Papagayo” in Lake Jackson, Texas. He made a little stage, put a dance
floor in, and we entertained. I guess this is when I broke out of my
shyness. We’d stand there and say, ‘Thank you’ and that was it.”
When did you start singing professionally?
“I started singing professionally at the age of nine. We lost our
restaurant in 1980-81, when Regan was in office, and oil companies stopped
drilling. The economy went down and we couldn’t survive because the
restaurant was just too big. We lost everything, we lost our house; you
name it; we lost it. The only way to put food on the table was to go into
the music as a profession. We struggled a lot to get where we are today.”
So your band owes its success to a tragedy.
“Exactly. We went through a tragedy as a family for quite a few years. We
suffered. A lot of families gave us food and tried to help us out. We lived
with relatives. I remember a lot of these things. I think that’s why I am
so appreciative of everything going on. I am thankful to be here.”
I want to speak about this because a lot of our people, needless to say,
are struggling…
So, could you go into a little more detail of how it was for you at the time…
“I was really young, but I knew the family was suffering. I knew it was
hard times. Like I said, we had families giving us food. We were a middle
class family who lost everything and became poor. We were on food stamps. I
don’t know how many times. It was very bad. We suffered a lot.”
Were you ever homeless?
“No. We were very fortunate to have family and friends helping us out. But
that was our hard time. That’s one reason why I don’t like eggs now. We ate
so many eggs and potatoes and beans. (Laughter)”
Did this embarrass you, did it hurt, did you have any conflicts about it…
“No. But it saddened me to see my parents cry. My dad was truing to put
food on the table for his family and when you’re the man and you see your
family suffering, you’re going to feel down about it. I remember seeing my
mom and dad really down and crying. I think that’s why we’ve become really
close and become successful together. I think that’s what’s been beautiful
about everything.”
Professionally, where did you start singing?
“We played a lot of weddings and anniversary parties. We played at my
father’s restaurant. We played dinner clubs. We did a lot of talent shows
just to win money. We went through a lot. You go through different phases
in your musical career, just as in any other job. You grow in stages. This
is what we did at the very beginning.”
How many years?
“We have been playing fourteen years as a family. We’ve been seeing success
for the past five. This year has been the best.”
At what point did you start to reach a bigger audience?
“When we started performing at dance halls. Even then, we struggled because
when you’re a new group, no one’s going go pay money to see you, especially
if you’re not with a large recording company, if you don’t have
distribution, or publicity, or any promotion. You’re just there. It’s very
difficult. Another problem was that I was so young and a girl. And, with a
lot of promoters—and it still exists, although not as much as before–
there’s the issue of machismo. They would tell my father straight to his
face, “Not only is she too young, but there’s no way she could draw like a
male artist.” And, with that my father, the more the people shut doors on
him, the more determined he becomes to prove them wrong. When you’re trying
to promote your own self and you don’t have a company backing you up of the
means are not there, you have to work to pull your weight.”
What musical influences did you have?
“A lot. I grew up singing both Spanish and English. I grew up listening to
the Eagles, A Taste of Honey, Little Anthony and the Imperials—a lot of
Oldies but Goodies artists. I remember going up listening to songs
like “C.C. Ryder,” “I’m On the Outside Looking In” and “Hurt So Bad.”
“But I never thought, honestly, it would get this far. When you’re young,
you don’t think about this seriously. You just want to go outside and play
with your friends. I think at the age of fifteen is when I started actually
telling myself, “you know what? I could do this for the rest of my life. I
like it. I should take it seriously. What could I do better?”
What did you do?
“Every show became more important. I was trying to better myself. I wanted
to be satisfied when I walked away from the stage.”
Did you ever listen to any traditional Latin tunes?
“Oh yes. My father had albums and I grew up singing songs like El Reloj, a
lot of standard songs like Cien Anos, La Bamba. We also did country. I did
country for about a year, when I was eight until I was about nine, when we
changed over to Tejano music, because we weren’t making any money with it”
When did you start to have success with Tejano?
“I would say right off. There was a bigger market at the time. We played w
eddings and so on. I never thought we would be this successful, not in my
wildest dreams did I think Tejano music would grow like it has or be
accepted by people everywhere.”
Who influenced you as a teenage?
“That’s difficult because there were a lot of artists at the time and I
can’t remember them. However, if you listen to our past albums,
particularly Amor Prohibido, there is a pop feel to the songs. You can tell
we grew up listening to English and Spanish. The sound isn’t so hard-core
Tex-Mex or Mexican. As I said before, I think one of the keys to our
success is that were different. It doesn’t sound traditional."
So basically you were experimenting?
“Yes, I would say that. I have this thing about being like a parrot. I
liked to listen to different artists and try to imitate their voices. I
used to play around like that, especially when we would do new songs on
stage. We used to do a lot of cover tunes in the beginning…”
You just sung the hits…
“Right, I’d try to mimic other artists. It was fun. I think I developed my
own style doing that, because if you listen to the album, each song we did
has a different style. I kind of go into that personality and sing like
that particular artist.”
Which female singers did you like in both English and Spanish?
“There have been so many. When I was growing up I used to listen to Laura
Canales. I liked her music.”
Is she a Tejano artist?
"Yes. She is actually one of the first ladies in Tejano music. She was the
only one at the time. She won many awards and when I opened for her it was
like, ‘Oh Wow.’
There were artists from Mexico that I really liked, Maria Mendoza, Lola
Beltran, Lucha Villa, and I like the Spanish artist, Rocio Durcal who’s
been around a long time. I really admire her. (Durcal is a Spaniard who
sings the ranchera traditional and is very popular in Mexico.)"
Who do you like now?
“A lot of artists who sing in English and Spanish. I still love Rosio
Durcal. There’s Amanda Miguel, who, even though she’s kind of stepped out
of the scene for a bit, she still sings. She has more of a high range and I
admire her voice for that. I like artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney,
Janet, Madonna, of course, Gloria Estefan. I admire, not only females, but
also males."
Everybody is saying you are going to be the next Gloria or the next
Madonna. How do you feel about those comparisons?
“I find it very flattering. I think when people say that, that means it as
success goes. Everybody can identify my music from Madonna’s and Gloria’s.
My music is totally different. Gloria Estefan has her own style. I admire
her and respect her highly because she is an Hispanic woman who’s opened
doors for everybody else that has come along. I think everyone should
respect her for that.”
When did you get married?
“It’s going to be three years this April.”
So, you were twenty?
“Right. Twenty, going on twenty-one.”
Did you have boyfriends before that?
“No. My father was very strict, to say the least. But it was nice. We dated
for eight months. I had met him before. He was in another band before
joining our band. It was more of a friendship. It happened gradually. I
like his personality. He was a good listener. A friend brought it to my
attention, “hey, you know, I heard you have a crush on him and all. ‘And I
said, “What do you mean? I don’t have a crush on him.” But then I started
to see him in a different way. He is kind of cute and he is a good person.
He has a good heart.”
Do you plan to have a family?
“Hopefully in the future. I love children and I think its something natural
for everyone. Whenever you get married, it’s like the natural thing to come
afterwards. I don’t think right now I am ready for it though. I think
there’s too many things I want to accomplish. I figure that it would be
best to wait. That way when I get a lot of these things out of my system,
I’ll be able to dedicate all my time to my children.”
When did you sign with EMI Latin?
“It’s been five years now.”
Is that the only label you’ve been with? “
No. We were with a much smaller label before. It doesn’t even compare.
When a company that doesn’t have distribution or promotion, it’s very
difficult for a band. But, the day we signed with EMI was when we started
seeing success. They had faith in us, 100% faith that we were going to do
something. Also, they treated us like family. They’re good to us."
So you plan to stay with EMI?
“Of course, we’re happy. Very happy.”
What about the Latin Market? How do you like playing south of the border?
“It’s been great. I think it’s been one of the keys to our success here in
the States. When we became popular in Mexico it had repercussions here.
People have families there and they’d tell them about us. Word of mouth is
very powerful. Mexico’s been wonderful to us. I’d say it’s been the
springboard for us into the states. We’re doing well in Central America, El
Salvador, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico.”
One of my surprises was reading about your successful concert in New York
City. You have lots of fans there.
“Yes, we preformed at the Jacob Javits Center. It was an amazing show. We
had a blast. You know, the one thing that’s really hard for me to believe
is being famous. I mean like, we went to Burger King here in L.A., and I
was sitting in the back of the car and the girls there recognized me. That
blows my mind away. For so many years, you hope and wait for something. And
when it finally happens, you’re like “wow!” I’m just amazed at the power of
-What are your professional aspirations, as a singer?
“I just want to make sure people notice I am a sincere person. That I love
my job. I hope to make a lot of people happy with my music. I hope people
understand that when I sing my songs, I am not only singing them because I
like to sing them, but I am singing them because I want to touch somebody’s
heart. In our music, the words have a strong message and somewhere out
there somebody’s going through the something. And if I can touch somebody
in that way, that’s the ultimate.”
What about you’re other business career?
“I hope to see Selena clothing all over Mexico, and here in the States. We
hope this year. We’re test marketing in less than a week in Monterey,
Mexico. We have a perfume coming out, and later there will be other Selena
products coming out. I don’t want to give it away, but they’re coming.”
What do you see for yourself as a businesswoman?
“I hope to see success. That’s what I’m shooting for. I’ve learned a lot in
the music business. I’ve been very fortunate to apply that to another
business, although clothing and music are completely different. I have
learned a lot from my father. How to treat and talk to people, How to be a
professional. I’m 23 years old and I’m proud to have come this far.”
Aren’t you a spokeswoman for other products?
“Yes, Coca Cola and Agree Shampoo. We do TV commercials. Agree is going to
be coming out with a photo layouts, advertisements in Cosmo and Vogue. So,
that’s going to be really neat.”
Your band is called Selena y los Dinos. Who or what is los Dinos?
“Dinos is Italian slang for the guys. The name los Dinos comes from my
dad’s original band. He was one of the singers. After we were born, he
started teaching my brother the bass guitar. I got a little jealous because
of all the attention my brother was getting. So I picked up a songbook and
started pretending to be reading the words and making a melody. My father
looked at me and said, ‘Come here.’ He started teaching me. I was like a
parrot, repeated everything and singing what he was singing to me. I guess
he saw dollar signs. (Laughs). I don’t know.”
Are you going to stay in Tejas?
“Yes. I love Texas. I’m a Texas girl. I am Texan. I really like Corpus
because it’s really laid back. It’s like 385,000 in population. Its very
small compared to Los Angeles. I like it. Everybody treats me like I’m
nobody. It’s like ‘Selena’s at the mall. She’s shopping again. No biggie.’
When I go other places, I’m working, and I’m enjoying meeting people, but
when I go home, that’s my time to be myself, and relax.”
That’s where you have your boutique?
“I have one there and another in San Antonio and a new business in
Monterey, Mexico. They’re not big businesses but they’re functioning very
What does Selena want for herself, not as an entertainer, or a
businesswoman, but for her own self?
“I just want to be happy. I’m not saying that I’m not now. But I would like
to visit my relatives. When you’re on the road traveling so much, things
change a lot. You’re don’t share with your friends or your family as much.
You loose a lot of contact. I miss that. We grew up in a very tight-knit
family. Not just my father, my brother and sister, but my uncles and my
aunts and all that. We were always having barbecues and I miss that.”
What do you want to do for your fans?
“I want to give them better music. I also want to give back to the
community. We have been doing that. I visit schools with little kids and
talk with them. Its good to see a smile on a kids face and know they’re
fans, getting all excited. It’s really neat. There’s a lot of good about
the business. A lot of good things that come with it.”
So to you, fame is not as bad as many famous people make it out to be?
“No. I think a lot of times people seem to dwell on the negative sides of
things. I’m not saying this business doesn’t have a bad side to it. Every
business does. But if you don’t love your job, naturally you’re going to
harp on the negative. But I love my job. I wouldn’t change it for the
world. I enjoy everything that comes along with it."
Some people who have become very famous get aggravated by all the attention
they get.
“I’m a people person. I love to be around people. I’m very curious about a
lot of things. I’m constantly asking questions. Well, what about this? What
about that? I’m a very inquisitive person."
Do you like tropical music, salsa?
“I love it.”
Who do you listen to?
“En la salsa? Luis Enrique. Of course, Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan, Willy
Chirino. He’s got a new album, talking about what’s going on in Cuba. There
are a lot of artists that I listen to. I love Olga Tanon, her new stuff,
Mujer de Fuego.”
-What other music do you listen to?
“Now I have started listening to a lot of Mexican groups, rock groups. I am
always curious to know what they’re doing and why they’d do this. I like
flamenco a lot.”
You have an English language album coming out. This is an important move in
your career, what is it called?
“We don’t have the name yet. But we have all the songs. We have produces
working on it. Keith Thomas, the producer for Vanessa Williams and Amy
Grant. A couple of songs are being worked on by Full Force, they used to
produce Lisa Lisa. We have Rhett Lawrence and Andy Goldmark. They’ve all
produced for top artists. I feel honored they have taken up the project. I
am looking forward to its coming out."
How long has this been in the works?
“Since last year. And it’s going to be out, hopefully this summer."
Is this your move, your managers, or your father’s?
“Its everybody’s move. We’ve been waiting for this a long time. This has
been one of the goals.
Tell us why.
“I think a lot of Mexican artists want to record an English album. They
want to conquer the English market or vice versa. There are American
artists who want to do a Spanish album. You get to a point where you want
to try something new. You want to achieve a goal. And when you achieve one
goal, you want to tackle the next project. This has been one of our
projects we’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time. Because, needless to
say, although my parents always used to speak Spanish to me, my first
language was English.”
That’s a surprising thing about young musicians in Texas who are brought up
with English like most of the us here in L.A. or in New York. They all
start out their musical careers in Spanish with traditional music.
“Exactly, because it comes from the parents. That’s one thing parents
should continue to push, our culture. That’s very important. I can honestly
say, that the older I’ve gotten, the more appreciative and proud I’ve
become of my roots. It’s very sad to see a lot of people out there
saying, ‘Oh, I don’t speak Spanish. Oh, I’m not Mexican.’ They deny the
fact of what they are and where they come from. And that, I think is very
sad. If you lie to others you’re lying to yourself, you are, people are
going to notice and they’re going to respect you.”
What advice can you give Latins about our culture?
“Our culture is very beautiful. It’s very romantic. Spanish is a very
romantic language. (She smiles and laughs softly) it’s the language of
love. I think it’s very sad if we forget where we come from. Because we are
who we are. I think the color or our skin is beautiful. I think people
should be proud of that.”
You are also working in the movies and TV.
“First of all. I don’t consider myself an actress. I did Dos Mujeres, un
camino (a Spanish-language soap opera starring Eric Estrada).”
How’d you get that gig?
“Originally, I was supposed to come out with the band singing. But it
didn’t turn out that way. When we got there, they said, ‘we’ll come for you
all later.” So I went with them. It struck me kind of odd. I mean, why did
they leave the band there. They didn’t tell me I was actually going to be
saying any lines. And they said, ‘well, you’re going to put this on.” So I
said, “what am I going to do?” and they said, “your going to be doing a
little acting. You’re going to say a couple of lines.” I was like, “Wait a
minute. Nobody ever sent the script to memorize anything.” I was having a
major cow, because I was there by myself. My father wasn’t there. Nobody
was there. And I said to them, “I don’t think this is wise. I don’t know
what I am doing. I’ve never acted before in my life.” And they
said, “you’ll do fine. Just put the ear monitor on and repeat what the guy
says.” And I was like, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this.” I was nervous. One because, I am around people who have been doing this for years and are
experienced. And here I was, a nobody, coming in and actually trying to
Selena, you are not a nobody.
“You know what I mean (laughs). I have no experience in acting. The guy
started talking to my ear, telling me my lines. And I was huh? I was so
nervous. And then, I find out that they want me to play Ramiro’s
girlfriend, then they wanted me to kiss him. Oh my God, I was having a
major, major cow. I was so nervous. It came out OK. I think I could have
done better. Anyway, maybe that little bit of experience helped. Because
people from this movie, Don Juan De Marco, starring Marlon Brando, Faye
Dunaway, and Johnny Depp, called and said, “we’re looking for a mariachi
singer in your company, do you have one?” and they said, “no but we have a
singer who’s done a little acting and won a Grammy, blah, blah, we’ll send
you a bio.” And boom. They called and said, “She’s got the part.” It’s
not a very big part. I come out singing in a restaurant which is Don
Juan’s hangout and in one of the scenes I serenade Marlon Brando and Faye
Dunaway. You see me in the background, and then there’s a close up of me
What songs did you sing?
“I sing Siempre he sufrido, Tu solo Tu .I come out as a traditional
mariachi singer with full dress, my hair slicked back. That was fun. I
really enjoyed. I was in awe watching Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and Faye
Dunaway. It’s really neat.”
Do you want to pursue a film or acting career?
“I would love to. You know, when something is new, you get nervous. But
when you get a little taste of it…
I would love to do a film. (She laughs whole heartedly and is unable to
finish her sentence.)”
What kind of roles would interest you?
“I really would not like to portray a bad person. I know I could do it. But
I’m not really on the cussing thing and all. I don’t really cuss in my
personal life. So I couldn’t see myself on the screen letting millions of
people look at me cuss. (She laughs) I have a lot of fans who are kids and
I wouldn’t want to disillusion them, especially their parents.”
So you want to make family movies? “
(She breaks out laughing) Disney movies. (She continues laughing
unabashedly) No. I don’t know. Romantic movies, a drama. I would love to do
a drama.”
Romantic comedies?
So that’s the extent of your acting career?
“(With a healthy laugh) That’s as far as it goes. But, I’d love to get into it some more."
Anything you want to tell people?
“I got five dogs and a python. (Again Selena laughs wholeheartedly) That’s
everything. I love animals.”
What kind of dogs?
“(She laughs more) Your really want to know? I have two mastiffs, very big
dogs, a husky, and two inside dogs, a Pomeranian and a miniature pincher
and the python."
You live on a farm or something?
“No. (She laughs) I have three outside dogs, and then the two small ones."
You must have a very big house.
“No it’s very small, actually. It’s a regular neighborhood. I still live in
the same barrio I have been living in."
You live at home?
“No. When I was nine we and the band was going, we moved to Corpus. The
house that we first got money to move into is the house that I live next
to. My parents bought the house next door."
So you live next door to your parents”
Well, you almost live at home.
“Yeah, and my brother lives on the other side.”
So it’s the Quintanilla family block. “
We live in a normal neighborhood. I live in a three bedroom house. They’re
small bedrooms. It’s not a big house."
Sounds like you’re pretty content. “
Oh, yeah. I’m content with it. No need to move.” W
hat do you want to say to your fans?
“I just want to say thank you. Because I know that without the fans and the
public we wouldn’t be where we are today. I am really conscious of that
fact that they made us what we are.”


Cristina: Do you consider yourself as Sexy?
Selena= Selena laughs Aye Gracias, well no, I don't consider myself as Sexy.
Cristina= Could you stand up? -Selena stands and raises her arms- What do
you think?
Selena: Thank you.
Cristina: I know that a lot of women say this little girl is not
embarrassed to sing or to dress like this and then to sell these clothes in
a boutique.
Selena= Okay, but let me explain a little more about things like this. It's
like a performance, singing. It is like a show and I am not like that
normally. There are 2 different personalities. Normally I dress in a more
modest fashion.
Cristina= Okay, you feel that you are 2 people. That happens to almost
everyone that are in the entertainment field. You feel that you are
Selena, the person and Selena, the personality.
Selena= Exactly
Cristina= Like a doll for the public. Explain the basic difference between the two Selena's.
Selena= Well, when I am singing I am a completely different person. I could
be very free, depending on the situation I could do what I want. I could
have to deliver, as with many songs, a lot of emotion if a song is very sad
as with a very happy and excited song. It depends, it depends. Compared to
when I am in my, I am normal, like whomever, of the public.
Cristina= Are you a -Modern- girl or are you Old fashion?
Selena= Old fashion, because of my family. Cristina begins but Selena interrupts- Also naturally moral.
Cristina= Okay, and your form of projecting yourself on the stage, your
husband is your guitarist. He travels with you. He never had an attack of
jealousy when there is a man near with intentions of flirting?
Selena= No, because we communicate. Before we were married and when we were
friends! It is the most important thing to be friends before anything.
Cristina= What is it that attracted you to him?
Selena= He was timid.
Cristina= He was timid?
Selena= Umm humm---nodds
Cristina= And you were timid also?
Selena= No laughs- Not as much as he.
Cristina= But when you were a child, you were timid? S
elena= Yes, very timid.
Cristina= What did you do to over come it so you could give advice to those
who are timid also?
Selena= Well, I believe that is due to my dad. And his BELT! -Selena laughs
and begins to imitate her father- "You're gonna sing, little girl!" -
Shaking her hands in front of her and laughing- Boy, I was very timid. But
when a person grows up you change and those things too.
Cristina= What is it that you do to control the men that flirt and go
overboard and get the Selena "personality" confused with Selena "the
person" and they think you are real sexy? This must have happened before,
because it happens to everyone. How do you stop that?
Selena= "I'm married, you should have more respect
Cristina= When you're on the stage you're not married, when you're on the
stage you are neither married nor single, you are a personality.
Selena= A lot of people respect me because, I don't know if you've ever
been to our shows
Cristina= Yes.
Selena= When I am singing, I believe that if I respect the public, then
they will respect me and I know it. It's noticable.
Cristina= Do you believe you are very strong?
Selena= I believe so, dominate and aggressive.
Cristina= Dominate and aggressive?
Selena= You have to be
Cristina: Why?
Selena= There's a lot of men in this business, if you can't speak for
yourself they are going to run you down every which way.
Cristina= You think if you weren't a strong person in this business the
people would take advantage of you because you are a woman?
Selena= Exactly, it has happened! I also have the protection of my father.
Cristina= Tell me, what's the worse that has happened to you? S
elena= Not only me but the whole group. Just because I am a woman, the
promoters didn't want to let me give shows, or promote the group because I
was a woman and also very young. That's one of the problems with the group
when we first started, they didn't want to give us the opportunity to play.
Cristina= Okay, we will talk about your father who you've mentioned 4 times
in one segment, a person very important in your life and your
representative. And the person that said "You're gonna sing!" -Selena
laughs- and the nest segment, today it's incredible to believe when Selena
was a child she preferred to play football with the boys instead of playing
with dolls. We'll be back
Cristina= Here we are back with Selena. The first thing I want to ask you
in this segment is how come you have this -bow- done? -hairstyle- or how do
yo say -bow- in Mexico? Chongo? pony tail
Selena= Gajos(meaning orange slices shaped
Cristina= How come you put your hairdo so big today?
Selena= Because-laughs-I don't know
Cristina= Did you do it all by yourself?
Selena= Yes
Cristina= I've very amazed! How can someone can do that all by themselves?
Selena= I don't know, I don't know
Cristina= Do you do your own make-up too?
Selena= Yes, everything, everything.
Cristina= Wow
Selena= Thank you very much!
Cristina= Wow! My god I am very impressed. Great, well, we're going to talk
about the father whose face isn't very friendly and in this segment I want
to ask what did your father do for all of you to be -professional
musicians." Tell me what you used to do and what happened during your life?
Selena= Everyday we had to practice only 15 minutes. We didn't like it at
all but when you're really young you want to play with your friends and
neighbors. Just to pass the time and have fun! And to practice 15 minutes!
It was, "AHH! But papa, we wanna play! But those minutes paid off!
Cristina= What kinda work did your father do? He ran a restaurant?
Selena= Yes, a restaurant
Cristina= Where the kids used to play?
Selena= Yes, that was like a hobby to pass the time. I believe my father
never thought that this was going to be our career, being an artist.
Cristina= Your father was a musician too?
Selena= Yes, a musician way before. He had a group called "Abe y Los
Dinos." That's why we called ourselves "Selena y Los Dinos," because it is
2nd generation.
Cristina= You have a brother and a sister.
Selena= Yes C
ristina=Both are older than you?
Selena= Exactly
Cristina= You are the baby?
Selena= The baby
Cristina= Okay, aren't they jealous of "the baby"?
Selena= No
Cristina= That it's -Selena y los Dinos- and not "Los Dinos and also Selena"?
Selena= No, no, no-All of us have-we grew up with morals and also
respect for everyone. My father also treated us equal and we're not
different. We all have talent even if they are in different aspects.
Cristina= What do you think of one father, that is also a manager, like
michael jackson's father? They came out with a lot of books and his kids
who are now adults are now complaining about how he used to make them work,
how he was very abusive. He used to hit them and that they didn't really
have a childhood. What's your opinion of a situation like this one?
Selena= First I want to say that my father wasn't like that. My father, he
saw the talent and he tried to cultivate it and tried to do something about
it. But it wasn't in a bad way. It was to help us to do something in life.
I think it is something very sad because not all parents are like that. And
even if the father of Michael Jackson did that, you have to love your
parents even if they do bad things. Applause Thank you. You know, it's like
the roles, like they reverse. When a child does bad things, the parents are
always going to love their child even if they do something bad. They are
always going to love them. It's like that love you have within a family.
Cristina= You think that those kids should have more respect and love them
even though the parents made them go through something like that?
Selena= I think that Michael Jackson loves his father. They've gone through
a lot of bad things.
Cristina= Did you think you lost something because you were a child star?
Like what ordinary kids had?
Selena= I believe so but I won in other aspects. I met other goals.
Even though I was a girl and I lost some of my childhood it was for a good
cause. To help my family because we've been working since we were very
little to put food on the table.
Cristina= So you didn't used to dream about being a singer or a star? Like
other girls who get a spoon or a soda bottle and practice in front of a
mirror because they dream of becoming a big famous singer! And you, no?
Selena= No I never thought about it.
Cristina= What did you want to be?
Selena= I wanted to have my own business and I had a dream about being a
designer and I am doing that.
Cristina= You are designing and we're going to show them today here. How
come you used to climb trees with the boys and you didn't like dolls and
you are a designer?
Selena= Laugh I don't know! I love a lot of sports. The boys were more
challenging. I could do anything like the men It was equal
Cristina= How come that is so important to you?
Selena= The truth is I don't know. I just wanted to play with the boys at
that time, now I don't! Laughs
Cristina= What do you like to do to relax?
Selena= To relax? To tell the truth, I don't know how to rest! I am a
person that has to do something all the time. When I relax I am working on
Cristina= Selena thinks that a singing job is the same as working in a
factory or secretary?
Selena= It's a job
Cristina= But it doesn't pay the same Selena?
Selena= Laughs That's true, but it's work! A person the life of an artist
is not all glamorous. It's a lot of work. A lot of people think that it's
very easy. They think you always stay in good hotels, you buy good things,
but it is not like that. You have to work very hard like everybody.
Cristina= How do you like being a star? How do you like when you get to a h
otel and the whole world seems to be after you? When you're having dinner,
when you're walking, when they ask for an autograph and when they ask for
your picture all the time, when you're feeling good and when you're not
feeling good?
Selena= Well, for me it's totally something! When I am like when I don't
feel good at the same time I think they don't know my private life. How can
you take that little magic that they have in you? The image they have of
you, if you treat them good -you understand, if you treat somebody bad,
they're not going to buy your record! Why, why would you want to treat
someone like that?
Cristina= Always when they ask for a photo or autograph, you will give it
to them?
Selena= Yes
Cristina= You never refuse?
Selena= No-or I say when I'm with my family and I want to relax little with
them, I'll say "Could you wait a little and after I'll sign?"
Cristina= What do you think about the artists who don't do that?
Selena: -Makes a face- For me, how can you do that when the public has you
up there? -gestures with hands- You understand? -applause- How can you do
that? They are the ones who make the artist! They buy the records, they buy everything. And you have to be grateful to the public in that way to give autographs if they want an autograph, you give them an autograph! It's not going to take very much of your time, I do it!
Cristina- It's not a big deal, in other words?
Selena: Exactly



this is a story from when people were calling in and telling their
experiences with Selena and like all good stories should be you always save the best for last.
A lady called in and said she wanted to tell how Selena saved her son, thou
this lady had never seen Selena she had a great love for her because of what
Selena did to help and guide her son.
The lady called in from in a northen state and this is the way it was from
the notes I keeped and from what I remember she said , its hard to forget
because it was such a touching story.She said....
My son was headed towards disaster and a failed life, he didn't care about
anything except video games which he played constantly getting mad when he
was losing and yelling excitely when he was winning, he didn't try at all in
school and never played outdoor games it was just straight to his room and
playing his video games till late at night, no movies and few friends just
games and anger when I tryed to talk to him about school, his father had
left us and so I had to work hard to make a living for the the both of us I
loved my son so much and I knew that somewhere inside of him was a good
child that had been hurt and was hiding and would not reveal his true self
inside of him, not even to me his mother.
I never thought that a stranger would come into our lifes and change it so
much, a stranger I didn't know or who she was and how mush I would owe her
for the miracle she did to change my son.One day something happen...
It was a saturday and I was getting readdy to go to the flea market and see
if I could pick up a bargain or two, my son came into the kitchen and asked
where I was going ,when I told him the flea market he said can I go with
you, I knew he only wanted to go so he could get me to buy him more video
games but at least it would get him out of the house, so I told him yes get
ready and we will go.
At the flea market I gave him $10 so he could go find what he wanted, I was
sure it would be a used video game. He went his way and I went my way
looking to find a bargain on a sweater or jacket and we would meet at the
concession stand in a hour or so.
I found myself a nice little jacket at a reasonable price and waited at the
concession stand for my son to come with his new video game or games, when
he came he sat down next to me and we enjoyed a cola drink together, I
didn't want to ask him about what he had in the bag because I knew it would
be another video game that he would take to his room and play hours and hours
getting mad when he was losing and yelling excitely when he was winning.
I did notice that he keep looking into the bag and then closing it so i
thought it must be a game he was really looking forward to playing when we
got home.We left the flea market and returned to our car and this is where the
change all begain, he sat down next to me in the front seat of the car which
surprised me because he would always sits in the back seat of the car so
that he could look though all his new video game and read the manual, but I
was surprised he was up front with me holding that bag from the flea market
in his hands peeking into it and then looking straght ahead at the road with
a look on his face I had never seen before, it was a look of curiousness and
a look of wonder.
I coulden't stand it any longer and I had to ask him whats in the bag, what
did you buy?I thought he was going to snap my head off and resent me asking but
instead he just lower his head down a little and slowly pulled the item from
the bag, as I watched as he very slowly pulled it out of the bag I saw that it
was not a video game, but a CD... a strange looking CD a very exotic
looking CD with a very beautiful looking girl on the cover, I was surprised
as I tryed to watch the road and look at his new CD, it was in Spanish and
the girl on the cover looked very exotic with beautiful full red lips large
hooped earrings black jacket with large white fringe and it said on the
cover "Selena Amor Prohibido".
He said do you know who she is mom, I said no I don't and then he pulled out
the cover and unfolded it and said look mom she's pretty but its all in
Spanish, their was something about those pictures of this beautiful girl...
a look or something that seemed very special and he was very curious about who she was.
When we got home I went to the kitchen to begain to perpare dinner and him
instead of going into his room to play his games he went into the living
room where we keek our CD player and put his Selena album into the CD
player. When I heard her voice for the first time I was amazed at the beauty
of her beautiful voice and wonded who she was and why I had never heard of her.
He was playing the album and standing their listening to it and he played it
again and again and I couldn't help from finding my feet moving and dancing
as I perpare dinner, her songs were so beautiful and happy and made me dance
and brought joy into out home that had missed that joy for such a long time.
Later that night he was walking around singing in words that he tryed to
make sound like Spanish.
In the moring he was back to his old self "I don't want to go to school" "I
hate school" "School is stupid" but he left for school anyway very mad.
I thought oh well it was nice at least for a little while and I left for
At school he begain to ask a few of the students if they had ever heard of a
singer called Selena and was surprised to hear that many of them knew who
she was and felt a little sad to hear she was no longer with us, some of the
students told him to go ask the teachers about her and they would know a
hole lot more about Selena, but he didn't want to ask any teacher about
Selena so they told him just go and look on the internet their a lot about
Selena on the internet.
When I got home from work he was not their and he left a note saying that he
was at Uncle's house, his uncle has a computer and is connected to the
internet so he had gone their to use his computer and look for Selena on the internet.
When he got home very late he walked in with a stack of papers all from the
in internet about Selena, Selena this Selena that and all kinds of facts and
info about her and of course lots of
Selena's biographys and pictures of Selena he printed.
And now for the first time he was staying up late not playing video games but reading....
The change was starting little by little, the mad sometimes mean boy was
starting to change and it all started with a visit to the flea market where we discovered Selena.
A few days later I was shocked when he asked me to sign a form so he could
get a libaray card! he said their are some books I want to read and I want
to bring them home , of course they turn out to be books about Selena and I
was happy that he was reading, but still every once in a while he would go back to his video games.
When it came time to change selectives in school i was shocked even more
when I found out he had selected Spanish as one of his selectives instead of
the easy courses he would alway take and he told me that when he finished
that course he was going to take advanced Spanish, ....... I told him are
you my son who is that in their and for the first time in a very long time a
saw a sweet smile on his face.
The change came fast from that point on, he worked cutting grass in the
neighborhood to buy more Selena albums where ever he could find them and he
begain to play baseball on weekends and made friends which he would invite
home to listen to his Selena albums and talk about her.
His grades have gone way up and he no longer hates school and he talks about
finding a part time job and says I want to help you mom.
Their was nothing I could do or anyone eles could do to change him, it took
an angle from heaven named Selena that God sent us and she made him change.
I never knew who Selena was but I thank God for bring her into our lives and
changing my son from a life that was doomed to failure and maybe even worst,
to a life of great promise and making our home a happy home.
She ended the story by saying..... Thank You Selena.--WRITTEN BY JENNIFER GARZA --THANK YOU JENNIFER FOR THE STORY-


Hi everyuone, here is a very sweet Selena
stories as told by Selena fans that
called in to the KXTN Tejano radio station to tell their experences with Selena.
The story is about a man that went to a club where Selena was
performing, he
was alone and sitting all by himself, Selena made him the happiest man in
the's the story.......A Very Sweet Guy
The Man as he talked about his experence with Selena spoke with a strong
Mexican accent and you could tell by his voice he was a shy and gentle
person, he said as I walked into the club their were flyers on a table near
the door so he picked one up and went to a table to sit and enjoy the show
and a drink or two, the flyer was a little story about the group Selena y
Los Dinos and as he begain to read the flyer Selena came on stage and begain
to sing and dance, he put down the flyer and watched Selena smiling and
spining and singing so beautifully he begain to feel a happiness so great as
to releave the loneliness he felt.
As the first half of the show ended and Selena y Los Dinos took a break he
saw Selena sitting by herself in a dark corner of the building with a bottle
of water resting, he thought to himself she is such a nice and friendly
person I wonder if I took this flyer I have to her would she sign it with
her autograph if she would only do that it would make me so happy, so he got
up and took all of his courage and begain to walk to where Selena was
sitting and as he got closer he heard someone say "where do you think you
are going" and he said I was going to ask for Selena's autograph... the guy
said go back and sit down!
He lower his head and turned aroung to return to his table, then he heard a
vioce say "Hey dude whats wrong what did you want!" it was Selena talking to
him and he turned and said I wanted your autograph but I know your tired and
resting.... Selena said "Come Here!" and smiled at him, he walked by the guy
that had tried to stop him and the guy said sorry dude go on she's waiting
for you.As he came up to Selena's table she said whats your name and he told
her Javier, she smiled and signed the flyer he had given her to sign "To my
friend Javier all my best Selena" Javier said I could feel the biggest smile
of my life come over my face and I felt so at ease with her that I got the
courage to ask Selena for a favor, She said sure what and Javier said would
please sing a song for me and Selena said ya sure which song and Javier said
could you sing "Cien Anos" for me, Selena said sure Javier go sit down the
show is about to begain again and I'll sing "Cien Anos" just for you.
(If you guys remember "Cien Anos" is a beautiful and romantic song)
As the show begain Selena said I have a special request and I'm going to
sing this song for a special person(((Javier))) where are you! stand up guy!
Javier said I couldn't beleave this Selena was asking me to stand up in
front of all these people and when I did stand Selena said "Javier come up
here" he said "oh my god she want me to come up on stage" so Javier
assembled ever ounce of courage he had and went up on stage to Selena,
Selena took a chair and asked Jevier to sit down on stage and then she made
a very gracefull bow to him,
(all this time Javier is red in the face because he is a very bashful guy
and Selena is giving him so much attention)
Selena then begain to smile at Javier and try to put him at ease and say
don't be scared its all good this is for you.
Then Selena begain to sing "Cien Anos" to him and as she sang Javier became
more at ease as he listened to Selena beautiful voice singing such a beautiful song to him.
Javier said its something I can never forget and I have never been any
happier in my life as that day I was on stage with Selena.
BY Jennifer Garza


A lady called in and said here is what my experience with Selena was...
My son who was 8 years old at the time just loved Selena and on this night
Selena was to perform at Rosedale Park in San Antonio and my son wanted to
go to see Selena real bad and was telling us come-on let go to see Selena
please! Please! I want to go and see Selena.
Well the lady said alright we'll go and see Selena tonight at Rosedale Park
and the hole family got together daddy, mommy, brother, sister and cousins
to go and see Selena perform that night.
The show was great and Selena was exciting as usual and the hole family was
having a wonderful time singing along and dancng to Selena's music, when the
show was over and the next Tejano group came on the lady looked to her son
and saw that her son was gone and she begain to ask everone where is he has
any one seen my son... look! look! for him!
And of coures she was scared to death what happen to him.... well it was
about then she heard on the loudspeaker "will Mis Gonzalez please come
behind the stage your son is waiting for you" (at Rosedale Park they don't
have a backstage just a back door going outside) So when Mis Gonzalez when
to the back of the stage she saw her son sitting with Selena and Selena had
her arm around him smiling and laughing with him, as Selena saw Mis Gonzalez
approaching she said are you his mon can I have him and smiled and laughed
and the boy jumped up and said as he pointed with his finger to his cheek
"Look Mom Selena's Lips!" hehe!! he was pointing to where Selena had kissed
him on the cheek leaving her red lipstick on his cheek, the lady said he was
so proud and didn't want to wash it off and slept on one side, the next day
he out showing all the kidds "Selena's Lips"======by Jennifer Garza

I'm Jennifer from San Antonio Texas and I remember the day
Selena died and
how it effected us here in San Antonio.
I remember I was about 13 or 14 in school and their was some talk that
something had happen to Selena and maybe she was hurt, we were not allowed
radios in class so their were only rumors that something had happen and
nobody knew just what was going on, so finaly school was over and me and
some of my friends went walking to Mc Donalds to see if we could find out
what was going on , well in Mc Donalds their were a lot of people their
listening to a radio and the news was that Selena had been shot and that
some crazy woman who did it was hold up in a truck.
Well their were lots of kids their and some of them were crying and saying
that Selena had been hurt, well as people were coming in to get hamburgs and
stuf they were crowding around this radio and listening to the reports and
then this girl from Mc Donalds came out from the back carrying a T.V. set
and put it on a shelf so we all could see and hear what was going on, it was
still not clear as to how Selena was and we were begaining to worry now and
hope against hope that Selena was going to be alright and that all would be
fine and she would be OK. But as I looked around I could see that all the
little kids eyes were all full of tears and their parents were trying to
comfort them and this brought on a deep feeling of fear and lost to me and
my friends also, we were holding on to eachother now and tears were running
down our eyes and I could feel a sickness in my stomach, as we waited for
more reports and we didn't want to leave even for one second for fear we may
miss something and then when the final word came and the worst was true.
Everone was crying and the little kids were crying outloud and their parents
were holding them and crying too
even men were holding their heads and crying a little too, me and my friends
were locked in an embrace and crying on eachothers shoulders and you could
hear the words NO and SELENA all thought the bulding. One of my friends called her parents and they came and picked us up and took
us home, it was all over the news that night and I was calling ever friend I
had are they were calling me and we were talking about it and how it was not
fair that our Selena had been taken away from us.
The next morning my dad took me to Selena etc. here in San Antonio and their
were a lot of people their and it was kind of funny everone was soooo quite,
kind of out of respect I guess. Anyhow me and my dad left some flowers near
the front of the door and I said a prayer for Selena and asked God to take
care of her, as we all love her here in Texas.
That night my dad took me back to Selena Etc. for the candle light vigil,
their were soooo many people their holding candles like stars in the night
and I was holding a large poster of Selena with ribbons on it, people were
weeping and praying and a total feeling of love was their, only such a
special person like Selena could bring so many people together ,united in a
total feeling of love as their was their that night so long ago, on the
night that Selena went to join the angles in Heaven, I said a little
prayer...And God said welcome my daughter I'll send a message to the earth
to tell them your alright, a bird will take it and sing it in a song and say
hey don't cry for me, I'm alright and happy now and now I can fly over the
rainbow like the song I sang as a child.
Well anyway that was the way it was here in San Antonio and the way Selena's
death effected her fans here, we... I love her soooo much.-----love Jennifer Garza

STORY #5Selena and the RC boy

This is another story about Selena's fantasic memory like the Party Animal story,
A guy called in to tell about his experience with Selena and he said when
Selena y Los Dinos were still very new and not well known yet , they played
at a birthday party and he said that him and his girlfriend when over to see
Selena and he was holding a cup with R.C. Cola in it
(you can see how old this story is I don't think they make R.C. Cole anymore)
anyway he said him and his girlfriend talked to Selena for a while and then
something happen and he stumbled and spilled the R.C. cola all over Selena hehe!!
he said "oh I'm sorry" and jumped back and Selena said "ya its ok I'll just
go and take a shower change cloths and be good as new" hehe!! of course she
was kidding she didn't have enough time to do all that and sill go on with
the show, so Selena had to go and finish the show with stains on her costume.
The guy said he felt terrible because he could see the stain on Selena's costume as she performed. Well ...........
Years and years later when Selena was becoming a big name he said he was in
a line wating for Selena to appear for a fashionable event and Selena drove
up in a big limousine, she was all dressed up in her finest and she walked
by all her fans in the line smiling, waving,talking and shaking hands with them... (
untill she saw Him!) in the line hehe!! then Selena moved a little back and
held her hands up and pushing her hands forward looking at him motioning
him back and said "my dress please please stay back" hehehe!!!
He said that Selena then smiled at him and said its been a long time I'll
never forget you and smiled.
by Jennifer Garza

This story is about my friend Selena!I remember every time
Selena saw me her face would light up! She didn't care what kind of a day
she had! Whenever we saw each other we hugged like we hadn't seen one
another in a long time! She always wanted to know about my life whatever
had happened! Whether good or bad! Mostly good! I don't have any sisters or
brothers so she took me under her wing and treated me like her own lil'
sister! The most memorable story takes place on Selena Day for Houston, Tx.
4-8-94. Once Selena
came out on stage it took her a few minutes to
realize I was there up front!Finally she saw me! She waved first and
mouthed "Hi Meha!". She always called me that! By the way Meha is another
word in spanish for daughter. Getting back to the story like I said she
always called me that! After she knew I was there she always came over to
me and we'd sing to each other! I also remember we had this lil' sign
language thing! I know it might sound weird but me and her carried a
conversation during her performance!lol! Nobody ever understood what we
were doing except me and her! That was the cool thing about it! I gave her
this pretty keychain that night! Of course she sent a special dedication
out to me thanking me for it! I was shocked cause she had never done that
before! I was very happy! Well I could gone on talking but I'm not! Let me
close with this: I miss Selena so much! She was/is always in my life no
matter what I do. Where I go! She's always there!
Tommie Rodriguez


This is about something I noticed at the Selena Museumin Q-Productions and
has been on my mind for years and years untill I sawthe answer durning the
part 2 of the Yolanda interview shown on T.V. here inSan Antonio.
I enjoy going to Corpus a lots on weekends with myfriends in the spring and
summer months going to the beach at South Padre Islandand I always try to
stop and visit with Selena in her resting place alongthe way on Ocean Drive
and tell her how her friends Shelly, Emilio, Ram andDavid Lee are doing.
The Selena Museum at Q-Productions is only open onweekdays and closed on
weekends so its hard to go their even if you live inSouth Texas like I do
in San Antonio.So I do visit Selena a lots in her resting place but
I've only been to the Selena Museum about 3 times because their closed on the
weekends.So some years ago I wanted to go visit Selena's museum
and so I made special arrangements to have the day off from work and school
so I could go and spend the hole day with Selena, I went by myself and
went to visit Selena first to stay their with her untill the Selena Museum
opened.When it was time that I could make it to Q-Productionsas the museum was
opping I said my goodbyes to Selena and told her I loveher and we all miss
her, as I arrived at Q-Productions and went in Mr.Qwas sitting at his desk
reading a copy of Furia magazine the one that had thestory about Selena
breaking the attendance record at the Astrodome ConcertI recognized it
right away because I have the same magazine, I talkedto the lady and got
permissiom to go into the museum you don't just walkinto the museum you
have to ask for permissiom first and let them know thatyou have no camera.
I entered with a smile and good warm feeling in myheart and a special
feeling as thou I were home, with all Selena's thingsaround me I felt like
I was at home and these were my things and in a waytheir were because
Selena loved all her fans and you could feel her loveas it was still here
in her most priceless and loved treasures.
I've always noticed little thing and it always bugs mewhen I can't put my
finger on it and thats why this day stood out so muchfor me as your going
to see as the story go's on, the first thing I noticedwas the 7th Tejano
Awards award in the glass case near the entrance , itwas Selena first
Tejano Award when she was I beleave 15 yo and as Ilooked at it I recognized
something familiar about it, I have the old recordalbum of "And The Winner
Is" with our young sweet Selena holding the award upand on the award if you
look real close you can see a small piece of woodmissing on the album and
their on the award itself I could see the same littlepiece of wood missing
and it gave me a warm and personal type feeling likebeing connected to Selena.
As I looked at all of Selena's costumes in their glasscase's their was one
that specially got my attention, it was the costumethat Selena wore at
Billbob's in Dallas and in "Mira" magazine 3 yeas agoin that beautiful
full centerfold of Selena in her black outfit with allthe gold designs and
lions on it.That black costume their was something about it that
caught my attention and I couldn't put my finger on it..... whats wrong whats
wrong with this costume their something that is not right about it but
I couldn't figure it out at the moment, so I continued my walk around the
Selena Museum but still looking back at that black outfit andwondering....
Soon I found myself walking back to that black outfitand suddenly like a
big light bub going off I saw it! and I was sayingthat's it! I see now!
Their it was so obvious I couldn't see it before and noone eles seemed to
notice eather because I asked... I went to one of thegirls working their
and told her can i see you for a second I want to askyou a question about
one of Selena's costumes, she came with me to the blackoutfit and I told
her "the boots on the costume their not the rightboots" I told her that
they were different from the boots Selena wore withthat costume, well she
told me no their the black boots that Selena wore withthat costume.... well
I said but their differnt they don't have the goldbands Selena had on the
boots and the lions are missing from the boots theywere in between the gold
bands..... She told me that Selena used a lot gold andsliver snap-on
emblems and thats why they must be missing, but stillI knew the boots were
not the boots Selena wore with that outfit.
When I got home that night I posted to a Selena groupwhat I had seen at the
Q-productions Selena Museum and told them about thediffernt boots on the
black Selena costume, well it wasn't exactly big newsand most of the
members agreed with what the girl had said about the snap-on emblems and it
was all soon forgotten about.Over the years I have thought back to that date and
wondered what really happen to those boots Selena wore with that black
costume because I alway knew that those black boots at the museum were not the
boots Selena really wore with that costume.Years Later......
The Yolanda interview.When they showed the Yolanda interview on T.V. here in
San Antonio before it was shown anywhere eles I saw something in part 2 of
the Yolanda interview.First off you all know my thought of the lies Yolanda
told in that interview, it was a total bunch of lies told by a
terrible person that took away from us the most wonderful person in the world.
It was plain it was simple when they opened up that bagat Yolanda's house
their they were the missing black boots from Selena'sblack outfit, the gold
bands the gold lions the real boots that belonged toSelena.
I know Yolanda stole them from Selena and Yolanda'ssister has no business
holding stolen property.That was the discovery I made when viewing the Yolanda
interview that has haunted me all these years wondering where those boots
were.... now I want them returned to her family!--BY Jennifer Garza-


ok i went to school one day and catched
up with my freind jessica and i asked her a question who is ur favorite
singer and she said SELENA i said who is that she said when u go home get
on the computer and type in selena a so i did and alot of pages came up so
i clicked on the first one and it showed her boigraphy and pictures and
etc well in the corner it said listen to selena and i clicked it and i
was amazed of wat i heard i heard a beautiful angels voice and her name
was selena well the next day i went to a cd place and i asked the guy who
owned the store i said do u have any selena cds and he said yes i do and he
handed me SELENAS GREATEST HITS i paid for it and rushed home i popped
it in the cd player and my family was like wow shes awsome and beautiful
and then a month later i went on a field trip to barnes and nobles book
store and after they gave u a tour u could shopp if u had money well my
mom was with me so i did me and my freind and my mom went to the cd
selection and we found lot of selena cds i picked out one and said wow!!!!
shes beauiful and my mom said yes she is i told her she died and my mom
said awww thats to bad well she will always be in heaven and my mom said
lets get that cd and lets go so i did and i couldnt pernounce the name it
was in spanish and my freind is spnaish so she said o thats called amor
prohibido that means love forbidden and i went home and popped in the cd
and startted to dance and sing and i became more and more of a huger
selena fan and now i have 5 of her cds and plan to get more and alot of
framed pictures and dvds and more i love selena and i would love to thank
her for bringing her amazing attitude and talnet and beauty to this earth
at 1 time thanks selena so much i miss u la reina
from Chelsea im 10 yrs old and lives in indiana-SENT IN ON JULY 20 2004

This story is kinda hard for me to share cause it
still hurts me til this day cause I'm writing this not just about my
inspiration/favorite singer but also about my friend who is/was like my
sister I never had! All it took was for my mom to walk up to Selena and
start a conversation with her! My mom met her in 1989. Then I met her in
1991. It had been a wish of mine for a while now to meet Selena! So on 5-9-
91 my wish came true! It took place in Houston, Tx. She took a picture
with me and gave me her autograph. She asked me how old I was? At the
timeI was 10 yrs.old. She was 20 yrs.old. She also asked me what grade I
was in? You know ?'s like that! Well I thought she wouldn't remember me at
all after that! But she did! I would even go to the clubs even though I
couldn't get in! She would always make time for me! I miss those days! So
I close with this:
I still love Selena til this day! I will look up to her as my sister I
never had!
BY Tommie -SENT IN ON AUGUST 28 2004

One Day me and my
3 freinds Adriana,Emily and Jordan were assigned a report so i said Hey U
guys wanna do a report on Selena and they all said Yea it would be fun so
we worked and worked and finally the book was done it was called The biage
to mexico about the four teachers witch was adriana jordan and emily and
I and so the story was us four teachers took our class of 35 students and
went to mexico to meet selena so we finally got the book done with the
grammys scence and all but one of the most IMPORTANT part of the
storie was the back page me and Adriana wrote a poem for selena and the
most roughfust part of the story i had to write was the time of her
death .jordan took it up to the teacher and he read it he handed it to us
and said WOW u guys are some selena fans in our hearts we felt proud on
theother side we felt sad becuase when he handed it back my hand shook in
shock because the last page fell on the floor and it was the poem so me and
Jordan took the book back to our seats and read it all and we were
shocked of how of a great book we made and it shows how much she was loved
and how special she was so to this day me and my freinds are so happy we
wrote that book for selena and someday we hope to still have the story to
show our kids it was so special to us Jordan made copies of the book for
the whole class and we ( my Freinds) Decided we will Keep selena in our
hearts forever
we love u Selena
SENT IN ON SEPTEMBER 29 2004- BY Chelsea -Indiana - Age 10


I was at school sitting besides my
friend Xiomara listening to the boring class the teacher was giving.I knew
Selena by then but very little.In that time my favorite singer was
Christina Aguilera and I didn't even payed attention to Selena.But then my
friend Xiomara sang the song Si Una Vez and I told her-hey,I know that
song,I think is pretty.And then both of us were singing it in a whisper so
the teacher couldn't hear us.
Then when I got home I was singing that song and my mom said-so,now you l
ike Selena? And I said-I guess I liked this song.And then I was watching
TV when suddenly it appeared Selena on Univision,it showed that they were
going to show Selena's last concert and when she was practicing before the
last concert.Then in Sunday,I was watching the concert and in that very
moment I became a Selena fan.Then a couple of days later,there was another
announcement on Univision that they were going to show Selen's
carnavals.And when I watched the last carnaval I became more a selena
fan.Then in El canal de las estrellas there was a TV show named Recordando
a Selena which in english means Remebering Selena,there it showed Selena's
videos,concerts,selena in her casket and some other stuff.I really enjoyed
watching those things.Then when I got my computer I wrote on my internet
browser but it showed a company of tea or cafe from France.Then
I searched for Selena sites and I found a site in,I
click in that site and there it was that beautiful smile and her beautiful
eyes.I was smiling at Selena and my head was just in Selena.I wasn't
thinking in anything else just in Selena and how stupid I was for not
a Selena fan before.Then I remembered that my mom had just
the CD Selena Live a couple of months ago and my heart began
to fill with
joy and happiness!!I asked my mom for the CD and she gave it and all day I
was listening to the CD.The next day I bought the CD
Amor Prohibido and I
was listening to the best song ever"Si Una Vez"
and time passed and I was
buying more Selena stuff.I am more
than a Selena fan,I've been a
Selena fan since February 2004.I know I
have a very short time being a
Selena fan but even if I've been a
selena fan for a short time,Selena is
always in my heart and she's
more than a good singer to me.She's my idol
and she had taught me
lessons even if unfortunately she's dead.She's like
my big sister and
like an angel that protects me day and night.I've met
Chris,A.B,Selena's dad and Susette,they came to Mcallen to make a video.I
became a Kumbia Kings fan and then A selena fan. I love Selena,and she will
never be forgotten!!!God bless the queen of Tex-Mex!!!
Tania location:Mcallen,Texas Age:12 yrs Date:December 4,2004

selena,s dream a selena story selena,s music died the day the shot
was fired selena,s musis died and selena died in the arms of a bystander to
help selena in to the lobby selena,s heart stopped beating and selena ran
for her life selena said her last words selena sang her last song took her
last breathe selena signed her last autograph selena did her final live
concert for her loved ones her fans when i close my eyes selena,s smile
still shines selena is the sun and the moon and clouds selena is a angel
with wings selena is still a beaftul angel selena was a beaftul woman with
a bright smile and a golden voice selena will never fade away like
yesterday,s sun when the sun goes down selena will fade away selena,s
legacy is never forgetten your voice echoes with song and beauty that will
live on forever selena 1971-1995 a bullet tookl away the life stalled the
breathe stopped the heart but it pass on right through the music unable to
destory the soaring voice or the inspiration a young singer left behind
only our memories of selena will last longer than the sound of her beatful
voice. our hearts will be with you always selena i have a memory of you
that always makes me so happy selena lives with in our hearts in houston
selena quintanilla perez 1971-1995
sent in by corinne JANUARY 7 2005