Wonderful World of Disney Characters

Finding Disney characters in every frame

Apologetic Note

YouTube has terminated many of the accounts from which I took these screen shots, so you will need to find the same video elsewhere to verify the image. Not pleasant, but doable!

It is still a very enjoyable collection!

Wonderful World of Disney - Intro

Natural smoke is.....

Like clouds, sometime you can see images in it, sometimes you can't. There's Mickey Mouse!  There's the Queen from Snow White after she turned into an old hag! Are those the dwarfs? Donald Duck, the Nephews, old Scrooge McDuck. I want to see Jessica and Roger Rabbit (since we are really talking about framing the innocent!). Everybody's favorite; Pumba. Looking at these pictures is like being at Disneyland; there's so many of your favorite friends! Often there is great disagreement between two people looking at the same smoke or clouds - because it is random - the image wasn't painted in. An image seldom persists in real smoke.

Look at these interesting characters.  Heck they could be Disney or Warner Brothers, but they are probably FOX;

What happens when an artist links them together? Why you get a great looking totem pole!

What if you had to draw volumes of smoke that wasn't there into a picture, needing to cover up things that were there (did you see the real airplane in this one?)? Worse, drawing that same smoke into a video of an airplane crashing into a building? Animation at it's most difficult. 3D people are nothing compared to smoke that isn't there that has to look believable. Of course, natural smoke is like a fractal - look it up - it's important - a continuously random process that's not random at all!

Now, let's assume your job is making believable-looking training films of the military, CIA, FBI and police forces. Since the purpose of the excersize is training, you are not going to be hired if you spend the money needed to develope the smoke using mathematical fractals. You will get the job if you can hire a couple of wannabe artists that have the basics of animation down.  These people typically have been drawing Disney and WB characters since they were two! Why does Google have a language choice of Elmer Fudd? Cause we all love him and know what he looks like and Bugs Bunny always wins. Ahhhh, the triumph of intelligence over stupidity! The next best thing to fractals are tessalated caricatures with bushy mustaches, beards and curly hair, like the totem pole smoke shown here.

After that, caricatures of various animals, famous ones are, of course, more fun. And everybody loves the famous ones; satan,

Winnie the Pooh,

 Jabba the Hut (leaning over in this one),

Falcor (what's that he has in his mouth?),

OBL himself

and even George Washington
for those needing a little history lesson about honest American leaders - it's been so long!

Anyone who wants to understand the path to George's power needs to know this fomer president, well paid friend of the family.

Training takes information and practice. How do you get people to practice? Why, you create a movie! Hence the need for those cheap animators.

How does the animator get even for the low pay? He draws interesting caricatures into the smoke - keeps the job interesting and the clients will never notice since it is only for training! Ha! How could anybody, especially me, miss ol' Pumba with his really special and cute yellow hat - awfully little though?

Now, enter the wonderful world of the caricatures of that fateful day, who was in the smoke?

*Some of these are screen shots from the goverment videos uploaded to YouTube by homeric9/CoolGamer167. homeric9/CoolGamer167 is a government shill trying to tire out the truthers; he is one of many! Be warned, any truther that gets close to the truth will be prevented from commenting on homeric9/CoolGamer167 videos. You are warned. But, since they are government videos, they sure were good.

Disney, Warner Brothers and other Known Characters

Famous Disney and Warner Brothers ones I recognize (really there are so many, I can't collect them all. If it weren't for the fact that real people died, it woud be fun);

Mickey Mouse Straight from "Steamboat Willy"

Winnie the Pooh (I really can't believe they put Satan and Pooh together!)

Satan (I really can't believe they put Satan and Pooh together!)

OBL his bad self; is that the headgear they wear in Pakistan?

Falcor, appropriately from the never ending story


Aslan (this is from a particularly loathsome faked video)

Aslan and some unknown friends (this is from a particularly loathsome faked video)

A Dwarf (not sure who, don't know Snow White that well)

Fernidand the bull (Disney story about a gay bull getting accepted - as long as his friends don't ask and he doesn't tell!)

George Washington, certainly more honest than Adolf Bush

Jabba the Hut from Star Wars (leaning over a bit, but clearly it's him)


Doc (the Dwarf)

Another, less distinct Falcor (the story never ends!), his head is turned toward the explosion

Pinocchio's creator Geppetto

Abraham Lincoln, apparently bad news like Bush, but, at least he did one good thing; he outlawed slavery.

Sharing honors with Edna Cintron, an administrative assistant for Marsh & McLennan is Popeye the sailor man smoking his pipe!

Queen as a hag from Snow White (Artist used the building with the copper spire to form the hood of her cape - so cool!)



Saddam Hussein when he was young and still working for GHWB

A standing hard-ass looking Simba

The Tin Man looking proud

Wallace (of Wallace & Gromit)

So, if you have a favorite Disney or Warner Brothers character, look thru the videos and photos, you are bound to find the caricature you seek in the smoke - I'll bet the main evil doers themselves are all present. The smoke that is sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes blowing to the south, sometimes blowing to the east.

Remember, belief is for religion. Investigation is for politicians. Just ask Pumba! (But don't embarrass him over the cute yellow hat - OK?)

And, as your know, the religious card has been played with perfection. Who better to represent that than Moses with a yarmulka.



Unknown Characters and Faces (Disney?)

Angry Squirrel

Anime Dog

Baby Dinosaur

Bear (not Pooh); this bear's left ear, nose and mouth are made up from a happy whale


Black Eyed Sheep (right eye, looking sharply down at the explosion. Actually, the black eye also looks like Falcor's nose. Falcor is pushing on the north tower, WTC 1, with his left paw. Falcor is looking at the people near JFK making a video as this happens.  I think he hears them counting their money.)


Conehead (from the pentagon)

Cute Pig (Actually, with a slightly different emphasis, it could be an ugly caricature face. Oh well, it's still just a drawing!)

Cute Puppy

Dog with powdered wig


Egyptian Hieroglif

Evil Muslim (perhaps it is Mohammed Atta, looking up and north towards Portland, Maine, wishing he had flown an airline that moves its @ss for you. Can you see the evil genius in his eye, knowing that his acceptance in heaven is assured, having left the car where it could easly be found - Boston Logan. Everybody that flies out of Portland, Maine parks at Boston - have you ever seen the shortage of spaces in Portland?)


Face Lookiing Up, moustache and poofy hair

Face Mouth Open and looking up from the north tower (WTC 1)

Face Surprised

Fox (actually, this is the whole fox, sitting on his haunches. I didn't see that at first, so only his face is circled)


French Poodle (from the pentagon)


Ghost shaking fist

Gran Pere (a great mustache, actually it looks like he is admiring the baby in his arms)



Jumping Puppy


Moon (not the one in the sky, butt a lady in something like a tutu)

Persian Kitty (with a hat on, may be one of the Aristocats) Do you think that after we attack Iran, we will call them "Freedom kitties?"


Sitting people (fire one looks like a woman, smoke one looks like a man)

Sleeping Man

Soul (appropos for the day, heading to heaven on a cloud)

Yukon Prospector

There are lots more. When you look at these, it's important to remember they were supposed to be convincingly realistic clouds, so you may have to look hard in some cases. Remember, an entire nation has been fooled by these.  Also remember, the people who commissioned these works of art are murderers who have destroyed and tampered with evidence.  Do you really think some guy in a cave in the middle east had acces to the resources necessary to accomplish this coverup?

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