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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (March 5, 2018):

Hi, Readers!

I'm so excited about Cy-Con #2, Offered to the Cyborg, releasing this month! I really enjoyed writing Wrylack's story, and I hope you'll like it too. I had hoped to have the next Intergalactic Brides book ready for an April release, but it looks like it will come out in May. It seems my science fiction romances are going to release every other month this year, or at least through summer. Did you know the first scifi romance I ever wrote was called Sorcha (Vaaden Captives #1)? It's now available in a boxed set with the two other books in that series. They're more erotic in nature than the Brides or Cy-Con series though, so that may not be your cup of tea. They're also a bit shorter.

I know I've taken a paranormal break for a while now, and I have some ideas for a new fantasy series, but I'm still playing around with the idea. I have part of book one written, but I'm not sure I like how it's going. I may end up re-writing it at some point this year. I also have another Return of the Ashton Grove Werewolves book I'd like to write. I'm a bit behind schedule on the books I send to Changeling Press (thanks to being non-stop sick for about 3 months, carpel tunnel flare ups, and tearing up my hands twice), so I have to get those books caught up before I can focus on some self-published titles (like the Ashton Grove book).

I promise I'm writing as fast as I can! :) I've averaged 60,000+ written words for both January and February. Hopefully I can pull that off again in March.

Is there a particular book you're hoping I'll write? Drop me a note at and let me know!


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Available for Pre-Order

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