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       The information below does not include all of the dates. I will add as many as I can in the near future. I started with my mother and father as the first generation. However, if I include my sister's grandchildren, my children and my sisters' children, my sisters and myself, I have information on eight generations.

       I also have information on three more generations, following the line of Featherston which is White. It takes me to the 15th century and to England. Carolus Featherston, who died in Franklin County, KY, was the son of Charles Featherston and Gene Wright. The senior Charles Featherston was the son of another William Featherston, who in turn was the son of another William Featherston.  I was also able to follow the line of Charles Featherston's mother, Sarah Vaughn back to her family's early American ancestors. If you count my mother's seven great grandchildren, that would mean I know eleven generations worth of ancestors!

Generation No. 1

Stanley Cotten, born October 16, 1923 in Youngstown, Ohio, died December 10, 1986 in Gary, Indiana. He was the son of Stanley Cotten, Sr. And Lula Mae Alexander. He married Thelma Warren October 16, 1948 in Gary, Indiana. Thelma Warren, born July 3, 19-- in Maury City, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Fred Warren and Posie Koonce.

Generation No. 2

Stanley Cotten, born August 6, 1893, in Summit, Mississippi, died June, 1985, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the son of Napoleon Cotten and Mary Saunders. He married Lula Mae Alexander, April 1917 in Mississippi. Lula Mae Alexander, born May 15, 1894, in Summit, Mississippi, died 1973 in Gary, Indiana. She was the daughter of Christopher Columbus Alexander and Narcissus Wallace.

Children of Stanley and Lula are:


            Katherine Pauline

            Johnnie Mae

            Lorraine Ouida  


            Hortense Clara  

            Glennie Ruth


Fred Warren, born November 27, 1902 in Maury City, Tennessee, died February, 1978 in Gary, Indiana. He was the son of Isaac Warren and Katie Featherston He married Posie Koonce. She was born June 27, 1903, in Maury City, Tennessee, died March 1979 in Gary, Indiana. She was the daughter of Willie Koonce and Lizzie Brassfield

Children of Fred and Posie are:

     Thelma b. 7/3

      Fred Jr. b. 6/1/1925, d. 1927

      Willie Lovelle b. 12/3/19xx

      Samuel Royal b. 8/22/19xx

      Ernest b. 12/3/19xx

      Eddie Norbert b. 5/25/19xx

      James b. 5/1/1937, died 7/18/2004

      Anita Naomi b. 4/14/1932, died 1981

      Johnny Clifford b. 7/7/1939, d. 11/14/2001

      Harold Dean b. 7/27/1941, d. August, 1977

      Clarence Eugene b. 6/26/1945, d. November/1993

      Carolyn Lolita Adrienne b. 8/13/1947,  d. 1/18/2004

Generation No. 3

Napoleon Cotten, born abt. 1857 in Mississippi, died sometime before 1920. He was the son of Winnie Anderson. Father not known at this time. He married Mary Saunders around 1880. Mary Saunders, born in Mississippi, was the daughter of Charley Saunders and Rose, surname not known.

Children of Napoleon and Mary

         Stanley Sr.



            A son that died young, name not known yet.


Christopher Columbus Alexander, born July 1865 in Mississippi. He was the son of John Alexander and Catherine Alexander. He married Narcissus Wallace. Narcissus Wallace, born in 1866 in Mississippi. She was the daughter of Jerry Wallace and Lucinda Wallace.

Children of Christopher Columbus and Narcissus are:

    Archie A Alexander
    Walter Alexander
    Lilly Alexander 1888  
    Murphy Alexander 1889  
    Florence O Alexander 1890  
    Luther Alexander 1892  
    Lula Mae Alexander 1895 1974
    Fred C Alexander 1896  
    Maude Thelma Alexander 1901  
    Clara Mae Alexander 1907  
    Bertha L Alexander 1910


Isaac Warren, born 1864. He was the son of George Warren and Mariah Ward. He married Katie Featherston Wilkins Hardy 13 MAR 1902 in Dyer Co., TN. This was his second marriage. His first marriage was to Malessie Dunagan. That marriage had four children.

Katie Featherston, born 1867. She was the daughter of Charles Featherston and Matilda Featherston.

The only surviving son of Isaac and Katie was Fred Warren.

Willie Koonce, born 7/8/1879, died  4/14/1917.  He was the son of James Koonce and Jane Roberts. He married Lizzie Brassfield. Lizzie Brassfield was the daughter of Susan and D. Brassfield.

Children of Willie and Lizzie are:







Generation No. 4

Charley Saunders, born in 1840 in Mississippi. He married Rose. Rose was born around 1844 in Louisiana.

Children of Charley and Rose are:








Winnie Anderson, b. around 1830, married Oscar Dear (sic). They had no children. Her children by father unknown later took other surnames. Napoleon took the surname Cotten. Richard took the surname Cain.

Children of Winnie Anderson, father unknown are:

         Napoleon Anderson, b. abt. 1857

            Elizabeth Anderson , b. abt 1862       

            Hiram Anderson , b. abt 1849

            Richard Anderson, b. abt 1851  


John Alexander, born around 1835 in Virginia. He married Catherine Alexander. Catherine Alexander was born around 1842 in Maryland. The oral legend was that he took Catherine's surname. Supposedly, his surname or slave owner's surname was Huffman.

Children of John and Catherine are:

          Christopher Columbus b. 1863

            John        1860

            Margaret 1858

            William  b. 1866

            Eugene b. 1867

            Zebulun b. 1868

            Loulou b. 1872

           Benjamin b. 1873

           James b. 1876

           Murphy b. 1879



Jerry Wallace fathered the children of Lucinda Wallace. Lucinda (Cinderella or Cindy) was born around 1825 in Mississippi.

The children of Jerry and Lucinda were:

          Narcissus          b.1867


             Frank Wallace- b. 1852

            Charley Wallace b. 1862

            Jordan Wallace  b. 1865

            Violet Wallace    b.  1869

            Laura Wallace    b. 1873

            James Wallace   b. 1875


George Warren married Mariah Ward(?), born around 1841.

Children of George and Mariah Warren are:

            Isaac Warren, born 1864

            Dave Warren, born 1872 married Rose Conley

            Aaron Warren, born 1889

            Lillian Warren, born 1884

            Liza Warren 

           Moses Warren

           Jim Warren


Charles Featherston, born August 6, 1825 in Charles County, Virginia; died January 3, 1873 in Dyer County, Tennessee. He was the son of William J. Featherston and Sarah Vaughn. He met Matilda, possibly while she was a slave. He is possibly the father of at least two of her children.

Children of Matilda and possibly Charles Featherston

         Kate Featherston, b. 1867, married Isaac Warren

            Melvina Featherston, b. 1868

            Steve Featherston, b. 1865

Other children of Matilda Featherston, father unknown, are:

            Martha Featherston

James Koonce, b. 1852 in Tennessee; d. Sept. 13, 1922. He was the son of Solomon Koonce and Amy. He married Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts, b. 1861 was the daughter of Judie who married Will Roberts.

Children of James Koonce and Jane Roberts are:

            Willie Koonce, b. July 8, 1879; married Lizzie Brassfield

            Tedie Koonce

            Lillie Koonce 

            Johnny Koonce

            Ronie Koonce

            Edgar Koonce

            Edgar Koonce

            Ernest Koonce


D. Brassfield married Susan. Susan later married Daniel Avery.

Children of D. Brassfield and Susan are:
        Cora Brassfield
b. 1872
        Howell Brassfield
b. 8/7/1877, d. 6/7/1922 He never married.
           Lizzie Brassfield

Children of Susan and Daniel Avery

Jennie Avery

Generation No. 5

William J. Featherston, born 1793 in Charlotte County, Virginia, died 1870 in Dyer County, Tennessee. He was the son of Carolus Featherston and Lucy Elmore. He married Sarah Vaughn on December 24, 1813 in Virginia. Sarah Vaughn, b. 1798 in Virginia, died 1868 in Dyer County, Tenn.

Children of William Featherston and Sarah Vaughn are:

         Charles Featherston

            William Jr., b. 1818

            Willis Vaughn 

            Arch Featherston

            J.R. Featherston  

            J.E. Featherston

            M.E. Featherston

            S.A. Featherston (female)

Solomon Koonce, born around 1826 in North Carolina, died 1828 in Maury City, TN. He met Amy while they were both slaves.

Children of Solomon and Amy are:

         James Koonce, b. 1854 

            Mosella Koonce, b. 1849

            Solomon Jr., b. 1857

            Bethel Koonce, b. 1859

            Augustus Koonce, b. 1863

            Mose Koonce, b. 1865


After the Civil War, Solomon married Cherry Jelks, 1867.

Children of Solomon and Cherry are:

         Charles Koonce, b. 1869

            Edward Koonce, b. 1868

            Eliza Jane Koonce, b. 1872

            Isaac Koonce, b. 1873

            Annie Koonce, b. 1874

            John Koonce, b. 1876

            Whitman Koonce, b. 1877


Will Roberts, b. around 1844 married Judie, b. around 1845. According to the 1870 Haywood County, TN census, they were both born in Alabama as well as their first five children children.

Children of Will Roberts and Judie are:

           Mary Jane b. 1861

            Jos Roberts, b. 1859

            Partuna Roberts, b. 1865

            Willie Roberts, b. 1867

            Edmond,  b. 1869

            J.H. Roberts, b. 1871

            J. T. Roberts, b. 1873

            W. Roberts, b. 1878


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