Affordable Quilting

Machine Quilting

 Affordable   Quilting 

EST. 1992 

I charge per square inch.

 L x W x ..011

 90 x 100 would be 9000 square inches which would be $99.00

$30.00 min.charge plus batting and thread

There is a thread charge of .50 per bobbin.

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Prices are subject to change .

Call or email for a quote.



Turn-around time is usually 2 weeks. I can tell you when you call me if this is possible,depending on my schedule. I do not take any quilts after November 1 that need to be done by Christmas.

One half of the price of the quilt should accompany your quilt you mail to me.


Jean Mezera

57515 Mezera Hollow Lane

Eastman, Wi 54626