J. B. Waskul

Creative Works & Concepts

Sculpting and Model Making

In an era where copyright infringement runs rampant, sculpting remains the one safe haven for the artist (at least until 3-D digital copiers are perfected). I have always enjoyed bringing the images in my mind into a 3-D reality. It was in 1985 that I received an Associates Degree in Art from Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to an endless lineup of electives I manged to take many ceramic classes. My instructor was intrigued enough with my work to get me a grant for continuing my ceramic studies. As my career shifted and changed over the years I found myself working as an Automitive Clay Modeller. I have also studied wood carving under the tutilage of a Master Woodcarver, Jim Ploughman, while I was out in Seattle, Washington.

String Theory

As part of a Michigan based film project I have created a new Sci-Fi series called String Theory. It is a comedy series about two mad scientist living on a remote island off the coast of Mexico. Both scientists are unaware of each others presence as they preform a wide variety of experiments with potentialy world changing implications if not for the fact that they keep canceling out each others endevors. This project involves home grown Michigan talent in many areas of the film industry including writing, music, sound effects, puppetry, voice talents, prop construction, set construction, camera work, and much more. For more information visit the String Theory website: http://stringtheoryinc.webs.com/

To see sample videos of this film project visit our Youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/StringPunkStudiosLLC/videos?view=0


As part of my studies in anthropology while attending Wayne State University I created a series of cosmological models for an exhibit at the Wayne State University Museum of Anthropology in the winter of 2006. To see more of these articulated sculptures visit my Cosmology website at: http://www.freewebs.com/cosmologies/


I have always had a facination with puppets and the art of puppetry. The illusion of life that can be created between the puppeteer, the puppet and its effect on an audience seem almost supernatural.

In the case of this Leprechaun, (to left) it is a rod puppet which stands approximately two feet tall. I used a variety of materials in its creation which included cloth, wire, wood and papier-mâché. 


 This furry lizard nicknamed 'Beezelbob' (above) is a hand-puppet made of synthetic fur and papier-mâché. It was used in two film shorts that were made back in the 80's. The films (Trogs and Trogs II) featured live actors and a cast of puppets. Unfortunately, little Beezelbob here is the only surviving puppet.

Wood Figure Studies

The following nude studies were carved from pine and basswood. (Click on the pictures for a larger image.)




Bonsai Trees

These sculptures are a sampling of several tree studies I have created. They are constructed out of a plywood that came from a shipping crate.

The wood was rough-cut on one side which created a striated pattern across the face.

I also liked the underlying woodgrain and color which was reminicent of parchment.


Cthulhu Rising (Click on the pictures for a larger image.) This sculpture was inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, of which I was an avid reader for a couple of years. It was also a spill-over from all of the role playing games I played during my college years. This was one of many works I made as a student at Henry Ford Community College.


Imp's Burden


Dungeons & Dragons Diorama

This sculpture is a series of interconnecting shadowboxes that stands aproximately three feet tall done in 1/30th scale. All of the figures and furnishings are of my own making using a wide variety of materials. This model features hinged doors with working latches, secret passages and multiple environments shown from a cut-away view. 

 Its just another quiet evening at the Whispering Willow tavern. But it won't be for long if that Half-Orc finds out that the dealer is stacking the deck.







"Are you off on another adventure? Why don't you get a real job and settle down?"


There are more than just rats in the cellar. Some of the previous owners have chosen to stick around beyond their normal lifespan.



A ghost wanders the cellar while below a Lich prepares a spell in his secret library. Outside the library a Spirit Naga guards the staircase from any misguided interlopers.




A Night-hag stops by the cellars of the Whispering Willow to sample the wine and any passing souls.



A dark alliance is being forged between a Beholder and a knight errant who is down on his luck. A stone golem looks on dispassionately as they spy into the goings on of a neigboring kingdom through a crystal ball.







And then of course there are things in the underworld caverns that are best left alone. A roper, concealed among stalagtites and stalagmites, awaits any prey it can catch unaware.


A troll demands payment to cross his bridge. The cost is usually a little too high.


A Fire-giant is busy working at his forge while concidering what to do about his goblin infestation. Perhaps its time to start setting out poison and traps.

This Umber Hulk has no problem with goblins, in fact she thinks they're delicious.

To see more of my work go to http://www.freewebs.com/cosmologies/

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