J. B. Waskul

Creative Works & Concepts

This is my earliest existing work of art. My handprint, created back in 1965 by a two-and-a-half year old child making his mark in the world. Of course, things do start getting a little more complicated after this... 

With the dynamic nature of our current marketplace, I have found it neccesary to recreate myself many times over; as can be seen in my portfolio. I find that an optimistic attitude makes for a great motivator and with the changes, new opportunities opened up a wide variety of media for me to explore. This website serves as an archaeological dig into my own past. Although I have been creating artwork for almost my entire life there are very few pieces that remain in my posession after all these years. Many of my works have been sold off or given away without ever having been photographed. 


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To see the sculptures from the Wayne State University Museum of Anthropology cosmology exhibition go to http://www.freewebs.com/cosmologies/

If you have any comments or questions concerning my work, you may email me at waskul9060@gmail.com.

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