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Random Cards

I've done a few other CardToys of stuff that don't fit in with the other categories so far...

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X-71 Space Shuttle

Proof that nerds don't know what looks cool, but what looks cool won't really work.  Despite silly design features (headlights? canards? extra wings? doors on the heat shield? titanium armor?) , Michael Bay's pimped-out space shuttle certainly looks great in "Armageddon."  I drew the 3D model using reference pics from the movie and photos of the model from the Internet.

"Bubble-fighter" Eagle One

An innovative fighter design from the movie version of "Lost in Space".  I've no idea what it's really called.

Space Ship Swinetrek

From The Muppet Show's "Pigs in Space" segment.  Actually, the pattern for the tubes for the rockets are a bit iffy, you might do better just rolling tubes and bending them.

Jupiter II

The Robinson family's interstellar colony ship from the original "Lost in Space."  This is a small version whose saucer parts fit entirely inside a page of cardstock, so that there is only one vertical seam for each section/level. A larger one with a more divided saucer will be posted.


A very simple submarine/aircraft of the Combined Miniature Defense Forces, from the old cartoon "Fantastic Voyage."  A very simply drawn craft that is perfect as a very simple cardtoy pattern!

BTA Fighter

From the movie “Enemy Mine,” seen only very briefly at the beginning and end of the story.  I really don’t know why it appeals to me; maybe because it looks so old-school. You’ll need to build the internal frame first, then assemble the skin around it.

Hammerhead Space Fighter

From "Space: Above and Beyond".  This was another quick build.  I was about to color the textures, but then thought perhaps if I just leave the line-art, people could hand-paint custom color schemes and squadron markings.


Koji Kabuto's cool new ride from the excellent OVA series Mazinkaiser.  This was an early work, I had not yet figured out how to use textures and could only color the faces.

Camp Big Falcon

From the old anime series "Voltes V".  This is the only building type of CardToy I've made.  I built it in order to house a set of small Volt Machines which combine into Voltes V.

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