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"It was the dawn of the Third Age of Cards..."

Babylon 5 was a major turning point in sci-fi TV, in terms of special effects, style, and story making.  Its CGI spaceships will always make good subjects for card-modelling, and the extreme variety will keep people busy for years...

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Babylon 5 Station

The Babylon 5 Space Station.  You need to reinforce the body by making a tube that runs the length of the station.  Just roll up any cardpaper to the diameter of the docking port face.

Earth Force Omega-class Destroyer

A distinctive ship from Babylon 5, memorable because it is clearly a beefed-up version of an earlier design, the "Leonov" from the movie 2010.  I wonder if there was a lawsuit?

BUILD NOTES: There are no instructions yet, but the parts are labelled and arranged in a sequential and spatial order, so you can easily figure out where they go by comparing them with the images. The smaller parts are concentrated in either the engine section or the nose, because of the details.  You can add additional details like fine antennae to the nose. I've changed the texture to correctly align the name and EA logo.

Interstellar Alliance Excalibur

Finally, a gigantic flying cannon!  None of that multi-purpose explorer thing... I was half-expecting them to fire a Wave Motion Gun...

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