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"Begun, the Clone Cards have!"

I'm a fan of Tartakovsky's minimalist style in the Samurai Jack series.  As soon as I saw the Clone Wars cartoon's simple but dynamic lines, I knew I had to have those drawings in solid form!  Even the Clone Wars Adventures comics' drawings were nicely done.  Now, if I did all the Star Wars vehicles more or less the same way...

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YT-2400 Freighter

From game to movie, the Outrider, a modified YT-2400 freighter, is one of the more popular designs to have come out of the Star Wars Universe.

V-Wing Starfighter

Another one of those 3-second appearances that make memorable impressions. This has recycled textures.

Amidala's Personal Yatch

I really don't know if one can find chrome-colored cardstock, or stiff mylar sheets for this one!  I just liked the Buck Rodgers/Flash Gordon homage in its lines.

Republic Assault Ship

This has a printer-friendly design you can print onto colored cardstock. 

Republic Star Destroyer

Another printer-friendly texture, you can embellish it with the colors of your choice using marker pens or crayons.  Or you can leave it white to celebrate the birth of the Galactic Empire.

Delta-7 Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring

The Delta-7 was the first thing I started drawing on Metasequioa.  The texture maps were drawn with Windows' Paint accessory.  Because of the small size of the texture maps I made, there's a bit of a jagginess and diffusion in the lines (the same with all the other Clone Wars CardToys on this page).

CR-20 Clone Trooper Carrier Ship

Something about this ship appealed to me, I don't know what.  Maybe because it looked so simple to draw and easy to build out of cardboard!

Anakin's modified Delta-7 Starfighter

One of those ships that I just had to have, as soon as I saw it on the screen.  When I started on the Delta-7 I knew I'd eventually end up with this.  Deciding on what to do with the underside hyperdrive pods was a bit of problem, until impatience kicked and I went "what the heck!" 

Even if you don't complete it, there's still Plo-Kloon's starfighter from Episode 3!  

Republic Gunship

This started off with "I wonder if could do this..." which turned out rather nicely!  Someday I'll need some CardToy clone troopers...

V-19 Torrent Starfighter

This can be assembled in either flight or landing mode.  I could have made the wings swivel, but I was in a hurry to move on to the next project.

E-Wing Starfighter

This was a no-brainer, less than an hour from the first primitive to the finished model.  The quickest design I've done.  Decided to just make up my own texture maps, also with Windows' Paint.

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