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Gerry Anderson's various sci-fi series, both in super-marionation and live-action, gave me my very first glimpses of imaginary spaceships when I was a little kid.  Gerry Anderson's series are probably the true birthplace of spaceship special effects, because these were where SFX-trailblazers like Derek Meddings and Brian Johnson honed their craft.  Call me old-fashioned, but these hand-made and superbly designed classic ships will always hold their own against todayís CGI creations.  There are so many cardtoy possibilities!

To download the CardToys, go to the "Dealer's Choice" page!

Moonraker 5

No, this is not Gerry Anderson, but the effects for Moonraker 5 were provided by the same team who made Century 21's effects, led by Derek Meddings.  Moonraker showed audiences an accurate depiction of a space shuttle launch, more than 2 years before Columbia made its first flight. So, where does NASA keep its Space Marine Personnel Carrier module for the cargo bay?

Space Intruder Detector (SID)

"This is Space Intruder DetectorÖ"  Easily one of the most memorable, recognizeable, and enduring lines of sci-fi dialogue ever.  U.F.O. was ahead of its time in terms of the maturity of its plot and storyline, and the model-work was truly inspired.

Hawk Mk. IX

It appeared only once, but is just as memorable as the signature multi-purpose Eagle spacecraft featured in Space:1999.  Iíve drawn only a simplified texture; I just donít have the necessary tools to make a more photo-realistic drawing!

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