Jake The Make


Author: Kathy Bunn-Schultz

Jake made his first appearance in Riley's Gift, a modern day sequel to the Convent and the Rose. To his friends, he is good man but  they question his abilities as a  real detective.  Likable but dumb is their estimate of him.  His attire is very flashy, and like the old time Dicks of the thirties, he looks more like a pimp than a  detective.  However, one should never judge a book by its cover, for there is always more to the measure of a man than meets the eye. 

Who is the real Jake? Where does he go, for long periods of time?   Only a few top officials know the truth.  Could he, at this very moment, be on a mission of great national importance?   Where ever he is, you can bet he's out there with Fingers McFarlin, Woody Woods, and Specs LaRue, fightening for the continuance of freedom and in the process trying to save your life and mine.  

The world is on the brink of destruction.  Evil runs rampant as the sons of the devil spread their terror and inhumanity across the world.  Blinded by the evil in their hearts, these henchmen seek to bring in their victorious leader, a  dictator, who believes that he is God, the master of all, and will turn this world into a burning hell on Earth to prove it. 

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There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere

There's a Star-Spangled Banner waving somewhere
In a distant land so many miles away.
Only Uncle Sam's great heroes get to go there
Where I wish that I could also live some day.
I'd see Lincoln, Custer, Washington and Perry,
And Nathan Hale and Colin Kelly, too.
There's a Star-Spangled Banner waving somewhere,
Waving o'er the land of heroes brave and true.

In this war with its mad schemes of destruction
Of our country fair and our sweet liberty,
By the mad dictators, leaders of corruption,
Can't the U. S. use a mountain boy like me?
God gave me the right to be a free American,
And for that precious right I'd gladly die.
There's a Star-Spangled Banner waving somewhere,
That is where I want to live when I die.

Though I realize I'm crippled, that is true, sir,
Please don't judge my courage by my twisted leg.
Let me show my Uncle Sam what I can do, sir,
Let me help to bring the Axis down a peg.
If I do some great deed I will be a hero,
And a hero brave is what I want to be.
There's a Star-Spangled Banner waving somewhere,
In that heaven there should be a place for me.
Paul Roberts and Shelby Darnell, © 1942


Copyright, Kathy Bunn-Schultz 2007

Play It Again, Boys.


       Battle worn and tired, Jake and his men took refuge inside an old abandoned bar, there they found some beer, warm and stale; but they drank it anyway.  Specs had his gituar strapped to his back, the only thing that he had left of what once was.   Jake could see the sadness and despair on the faces of his men and he knew that he had to get that fighting spirit raging once more.   So, he said, to Specs Larue, "Pick up that gituar, Specs, and play it one more time." 

   Specs didn't have to ask, his fingers just like magic begin to play their battle song.  Jake stood up and lifted his beer to the sky, as words to the Star Spangled Banner flowed from beautiful baratone voice.  A tear touched his sad brown eyes, when he sang about a star spangled banner waving somewhere.  All the guys now were standing and followed  Jake, in a circle, as they raised their hands, half praying, half crying, for the flag and the country that they loved so.   Unseen, millions of American souls marched with them.