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Boilerplate - The Mechanical Man

Boilerplate was a mechanical man created by Arthur Campion in the 1880's and unveiled at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Boilerplate was meant as a prototype artificial soldier to prevent the excess of human losses in warfare. Entire armies of mechanical men would fight each other to determine the outcome of a war.

Although this potiential was ignored by the powers of the world, Boilerplate proved its worth. It was a witness to many historical events (not all of them consisted of military nature) and had travelled all over the world until its disapearance during the Great War of 1914-1918.

There are some who claim that the mechanical man had a conscience, but it will probably never be proven.

The model is an approximative reproduction of Boilerplate. The main body is part of a paper tube, the legs are skewers cut to the appropriate length and the head is from the cannon of the Monitor ironclad (it was too long, and could knock out a couple crewmen just by turning...). The arms are converted from a plastic miniature from the Evil Empire, worked with short wires to simulate hydraulic gears. Thin cardboard and modelling putty were used to make the details (the legs, the face, the helmet, and the chest details).

The colours differ a bit from the original Boilerplate, mainly that the tin was changed to a steel colour to accentuate the gilden markings that are painted or etched onto its frame (I'm not quite sure which, but it still looks good, none the less).

Boilerplate was created by Paul Guinan in the year 2000. The copyright still holds (probably until the end of times...)

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