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Religious And Worldly Informations
In this section you will find some useful informations regarding religious and worldly.

Koranic Informations:

  • General knowledge of Holy Quran (Koran)
    An useful informations about Holy Quran. The aim is to know more about the Holy Book of Allah.
    - Click here to read useful informations about Holy Quran

  • Prophet Jesus (Esa) in the Koran
    Who were the Nazarenes (Nazareth), Where did the name Christian came from? Etc.
    - Click here to read Prophet Jesus in Koran

    Downloads (Books & Audios)

  • 60 questions for the Christians:
    The given audio file exposes the Holy Bible which was recorded by a Christian in her own voice, and these questions were also asked from their Popes.
    - Download (or right click, select Save Target As) - In English (MP3 format, size: 4.58 MB approx)

  • Tijani's First Book (Then I was Guided):
    A renowned Sunni scholar which he has written five books by taking all the references from Holy Quran and Sahih's (Bukhari, Muslim, etc). You can download his first book which is compressed (html format).
    - Download (or right click, select Save Target As) - In English (ZIP format, size: 173 KB approx)

  • Massoma - Diana Beatty:
    Sister Diana now known as Massoma Amtullah was born and raised in Colorado Springs, US. She become Muslim in 1994. After becoming Muslim she published a book "Seeking the straight path" by taking references from Holy Koran and Bible.
    - Download (or right click, select Save Target As) - In English (ZIP format, size: 166 KB approx)

    Wrong People And Websites:
    This section was created due to sending me some comments about those people or websites which they contains wrong or bad informations related to Prophets(P.B.U.T) and other religions of Islam. Some might be true or false, so don't ever believe it until you verify it from other authentic sources especially from the Holy Quran. Some Muslims and Non-Muslims are spreading such types of informations, so please beware of them.
    - Click here to see list of wrong websites with comments Updated (25th April 13)
    - Click here to read the comments I received and the conversation via my email

    Temporary Marriage (Mutah):
    Shias claim Muta to be legal and according to Islam. Shia scholars discourage Mutah but do not consider it prohibited. In this article, all the references are taken from Sahih's and other Hadiths books.
    - Click here to read an article of Temporary Marriage

    Namaz-e-Wehshate Qabr (NWQ) - Free SMS Service:
    This is a SMS service, which was launched on 11th November, 2007 in Pakistan. It is absolutely Free SMS Service (only in Pakistan). The purpose is to make people aware of the importance of this prayer and to develop their interest to recite NWQ for all Muslims. On the day of burial, the names of marhoomeen (deceased) are sent to all subscribers, which hundreds of people recite NWQ for the Marhoomeen. The Prayer doesn't take more than 10 minutes of your precious time but this little deed will help someone in grave where worldly collection doesn't help and even it will surely help in your grave too.
    - To subscribe, send "sub" to 0322-2903502 and 0332-3343932 or email at nwq.sms.service[at]gmail[dot]com.
      Operating by: Muhammad Ali - Karachi.

    Strange Fatwas & Speeches From Scholars (Or Misleader Islamic Scholars):
    List of those Islamic scholars is very long and difficult to monitor all of them what they are doing. Some scholars (sunni, shia, deobandi, etc.) are not spreading true Islam, they may be good at something which you may think but they are not good in general, all such scholars are paid by someone to create mischief. Don't fall into their trap, they are agents and working to spread hatred and temptation religion amongst people by playing with religious values using internet, books, events, media, etc. Don't listen to them, if their speech or fatwa contradicts Islamic values. Be a wise person while judging and selecting someone.
    - Click here to read the article with videos which they are misleading societies Updated (26th July 13)

    The Hidden Truth On Earth:
    Islamic education is necessary but the worldly education should not be left behind. It must be studied side by side and we must be aware of the events going on in the world. Some or many media (especially Western channels) are promoting propaganda especially against Islam and you'll not going to see this hidden truth on most of the well known media channels. Religion doesn't matter, only truth and humanity matters.
    - Click here to read hidden reality with videos Updated (6th June 14)

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