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MUGEN characters and AI Patches

Balanced Characters

These characters are the most "balanced" of my creations, even though they have some traits that can make them overpowered.

Dancing Banana

A character based off the emoticon and the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song. 

Pretty much the only character here that plays like a proper fighting game character. 

He may look and sound like an annoying joke, but this banana is quite deadly.

Joke Characters

These characters are meant to be either novelty characters or punching bags.

Mecharoid Soldier

Supposed to be a baddie from a flash game I created.

Space Invader

The space invader from Space Invaders. 

His attack will kill most characters in one hit, but the Invader is destroyed in one hit as well.


I created this when I was pissed. It's a beatdown character that cannot attack or defend itself.


I created this when I was pissed. Another beatdown character.

Boss Characters

These are meant to act as "end-of-arcade-mode" bosses.

Babalu Destructoid Mechanism

Some miniboss from Super C from the NES. You can stand on its head, but in order to damage it you have to shoot its bottom.

Shadow Beast Kimkoh

The final boss of Super C for the NES. Kill him by attacking his head.

Cheap/Overpowered characters

These were made when I used to be very arrogant and thought that it would be cool to feature them destroying everybody. 

All of them have instant Kills, and some have an "anti-cheating vanity mode" installed so that they wouldn't lose to other cheap characters of their time. 

Download at your own risk!

These should NEVER be entered into ANY MUGEN tournament or put on SaltyBet!!!

(Ridiculous-looking team shot, no?)

These characters are listed in increasing order of broken-ness.

Hell House 

Based off that weird-looking monster from Final Fantasy VII. 

Can kill the enemy by crushing them.


A swarm of annoyingly deadly mosquitoes. 

Has the broken ability to drain the opponent's power bar.

Mecha Scorpio  (You will need to extract the sound files into his folder)

A robot scorpion with very overpowered moves, including several instant kills. 

He's also very short and a pain to hit. 

Looking back, I am thoroughly disgusted and ashamed that such a thing was made. 

20000  (You will need to extract his sound files here into his folder)

My first character made, and a horribly, horribly broken/cheap/overpowered one. 

A killer robot with very spammable attacks and multiple invincibility frames out the wazoo. 

Like Mecha Scorpio, I'm ashamed of this one too. 

Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree in a pot... what could possibly go wrong? 

I'll tell you what, this one has an unavoidable instant kill, and leave it at that.


It's an atomic bomb. The only thing it does is blow up. 

If you're not an ubercheap, have an anti-cheating mode, or Rick Astley, prepare to get vaporized! 

Used to be the cheapest character around before Uber-cheap characters got into the spotlight.

AI Patches

AI patches for existing characters that lack AIs. Will usually make them stronger, so be careful.

Kung Fu Man AI Patch 

This AI maximizes KFM's damage potential and lets him use his deadliest damage combos. 

With the right moves, KFM can do over 300 damage with just 1/3 of a power bar! 

Furthermore, this AI uses moves and attacks that are humanly possible.

Suave Dude AI Patch (Download Suave Dude here)

Like KFM's AI, this AI for Suave Dude lets him use some of his more dangerous combos. 

Suave Dude lacks much combo-ability unlike KFM, making this harder. 

Furthermore, this AI uses moves and attacks that are humanly possible. 

UPDATED: His air-to-ground capability is complete. Can fight on even terms with the KFM AI.

UPDATED AGAIN: Made him block even more often, and fixed a bug that turned his AI on when the player attacked.

Metool AI Patch (Download Metool here)

Remember Cheapie Buster Metool? 

This AI makes Metool act like it, by spamming shots until he gets enough power to summon the "0WN3D!" Giant Metool.

 *UPDATED 1.1*: Metool can now recognize Hyper Armor states and will use Metool Stampede instead of Giant Metool.