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Outlaw Seed

Here is the very first preview of Outlaw Seed, the official name of the (predicted to be) five book series.

Irked-Confusion Studios is utilising new 776 computer technologies to create comic bookesque digital background mapping.  That basically means computers are used to make it look like you're reading a comic book, which you are, but more so!  Yet another instance of how we like to pull postmodern jokes on postmodernism.  The first issue should be ready by late 2007, so keep your eyes open!

Promo Two

This is just finished.  The promotional insert in All Hell Breaks Loose!  Season Two for Outlaw Seed.

The picture looks stupid because freewebs won't let me make it any bigger and still have it fit here so if you would like to see it in full here is the link:  ~promo.gif

Here they are, the first four covers of Outlaw Seed.  With it you also get a preview of some of the characters.  Some important questions might come up. 
Why is the sephirot in the background of the covers? 
I was listening to Station to Station (David Bowie) while designing the first cover and thought it would look cool.  If you listen to the song you'll understand.
How many books will there be total?
The series is planned for five books, probably 28 pages each, though it is being written as one continuous story so some parts will probably have to be cut out.  The "deleted scenes" can be found in the combined edition once the series is concluded, along with original design sketches, commentary, and probably some other features nobody will ever look at.
What's with all the blue?
There are really only four colours in the series:  black, white, blue, and very limited use of red.  There is good reasoning behind this choice but you'll have to wait to hear what it is.  I can't give everything away now.  One thing I can say now is that cover five will look totally different from the previous four.
Just what is the story about?
From the promo (found here and in All Hell Breaks Loose! Season Two) we can see that there is a horrible catyclism that kills a whole lot of people and after a while a despot gains control of four fifths of the world.  He wants to invade the only remaining free nation to take control of a holy relic (the seed) that will grant him eternal life and the ability to erase sin.  However, some incredible force doesn't want anyone to use the seed and is trying to recover it so now the people who have the seed must fight a war on two fronts to keep it, presumably to use it for their own gains.  Only David (the guy with the scarf), with the help of an exiled minstral and a few followers, knows how to save the world from this all consuming war so everyone is out to stop him so they can use the seed as they please without any meddling messiah getting in their way.

There you have it.  Expect future updates.
22 June '07

Update:  13 Aug 2007
To hold you over (since technical difficulties are delaying the release of Outlaw Seed) here is a sketch of the Abdals ("Replacements"), a group of creatures that will become crucial to the story in later books.  Hang in there, it won't be forever.

Update:  18 October 2007
A sketch of the Kana'im, Variants Two and Five.

The Greatest Story Ever Retold!

There is this great science fiction story where these aliens come to earth and all the technology humanity has is useless against them, the aliens destroy the place insane and in the end some unlikely saviour comes along and defeats the aliens.  Now without telling you the name of this story you could probably come up with a dozen or more names for this one, greatest story.

Is it Battlefield Earth?  Or is it Footfall, or Independence Day?  Your guess is as good as anyone's.

No, the story I'm talking about is The War of the Worlds.  It seems that about 100 years ago some guy named Herbert wrote a story and droves of authors have cashed in on his idea.  Has anyone surpassed the original?  That's for you to decide, but has anyone ever gone and created the absolute worst, poorest quality, over the top parody of them all?

Started in 2001 the new Irked-Confusion project plans on making this dream a reality.  Nothing is established yet as a certainty, as this project has been on the books for some time now, but it seems to have staying power.  This project, tentatively dubbed 2001:  The Divine Travesty, has refused to die after several attempts to do away with it so there's a good chance that it will be produced eventually.  By no means will this be the next project released by Irked-Confusion Studios but work is being done to see how fast it can be completed.

(28 February 2007)

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