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All Hell Breaks Loose! Season One Director's Cut Now For Sale!

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The very first Irked-Confusion video has just been finished!  Here it is:

All Hell Breaks Loose! Season Two

It's almost here.  The long awaited second season of All Hell Breaks Loose!  Titled "Unapologetically for Adults Only," the second season features the following:

*Eleven new stories featuring the Neal, David, Tron, and all the All Hell Breaks Loose characters
*Even more current events and moral issues delt with including Algore and his global warming hoax and the incident with the Duke lacrosse team (maybe more than any other comic book!)
*Two mini-features ("A Moment with Fuhrer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" and a promotion for Outlaw Seed~promo.gif)
*Five page teaser for a future series Revenge iNC.
*Special computer effects that hide the educational parts so you don't notice you're learning

Expect updates by the end of the month.

6 June 2007
It may not be the end of the month anymore but I'm guessing ComiXpress (who graciously publishes All Hell Breaks Loose!) was featuring a high volume of submissions.  Season Two has just been approved so maybe sometime in August (lets hope for the Fourth of July!) you'll be able to continue reading the series.
Try not to expect updates, but know that they'll come soon, or eventually.

Update 30 Nov. '06

All Hell has finally Broken Loose!  Some time next week the book should finally be on sale.  Check http://www.comixpress.com/ under Humour/Other.  Expect an update when the sale date is established, until then check often. (30 November 2006)

All Hell Breaks Loose!

The first book is here!  All Hell Breaks Loose!  Here's the synopsis that was sent to a number of publishers:

    All Hell Breaks Loose! is a look at the problems of the modern, intolerant, material culture that has a strangle hold on the Western World from the perspective of three young boys who live in the small town of Ebola Falls, Montana. Unlike most adults, children don't pay much attention to things like double standards or denying one's impulses. Neither do I. In this series I combine a fact-based look at childhood, gleaned from years of personal experience, and straight talk and common sense to combat the destructive habits of a secular world view ruled by money and selfish shallow desire.
    All Hell Breaks Loose! is uncompromising. Everyone is a potential target for criticism, and, indeed, everyone is targeted. The style is intentionally simplistic as a critique of a culture that is dangerously lacking depth. None-the-less there is more than enough variety in the content of the humour of All Hell Breaks Loose! to satisfy even the most unsophisticated of potential readers.
    The series is, currently, planned to be six 24 page books, done mostly in black and white with occasional interspaced colour, like in Schindler's List, for heightened comedic effect (test audiences seemed particularly attracted to this feature, which is why later books contain more colour effects than earlier ones). Each book contains about ten separate stories, ranging from one to four pages in length. All Hell Breaks Loose! was originally intended for readers who are sophisticated enough to notice the subtle subtext but who still enjoy rather immature humour, but I have yet to find a reader who was unable to find anything entertaining and humorous in the series.

"Gee, that sounds like a fascinating book, why would other publishers not want me to read it?"
I'm glad you asked that question.  The reason is very simple indeed.  This book tells people the truth!  It tells potential readers exactly what is the driving factor of the publishing companies, and other companies as well.  Publishers don't want you to see this book.  It can't be classified and put into a nice category with other high art books that are all surface and no depth.  The publishers didn't like the style because it tells people that culture is all image and flash and has no meaning, just like so many hollow generic comic books!

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All Hell Still Waiting to Break Loose!

It appears that we are experiencing technical difficulties in printing the books and they will not be ready for Christmas (which is a shame as that's really when they were intended to be released).  This explains the near month long delay.  I apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you informed as to further developments regarding the book.

All Hell to Break Loose this February!

A number of people tell me that the fine publisher of All Hell Breaks Loose isn't very honest, but are still very good.  While the quality of the work is unbeatable compared to other small publishers when they say a book will be printed in ten days they mean it will be printed in about two months.  This means the December release of All Hell Breaks Loose Season One will actually be a February release, not taking into consideration the technical difficulties they were facing late december around the time the book was set to go to market.  The sequel, which will probably be finished some time in March, will then be going on sale in June, unless issues arise.  Currently work on book two is 1/3 done, including four of the first five pages of Revenge iNC. which will be included as a preview.

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