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Weather Information

What do amateur radio operators talk about more than weather?  We can't change the weather, but we can observe and report it.  Here are some resources for you.

CANWARN - The Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network

During severe weather events, designated net controllers will activate the CANWARN Net on all or part of the IRG Network, as directed by Environment Canada. Reports are passed along to the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre of Environment Canada.  The CANWARN Net is a service net: follow instructions of the Net Controllers during a CANWARN net. The type and severity of the weather event will mandate how the net operates during the activation.  Visit CANWARN New Brunswick for more information.

2012 National Hurricane Conference to Feature Amateur Radio Activities

The National Hurricane Conference leadership continues to recognize the valuable contributions of Amateur Radio and has invited several radio amateurs to participate in two sessions. Read more here including information on how to watch live streaming of the presentations.

The IRG VHF Weather Net

Information about the Weather Net on the IRG repeater sytem. 

VHF Weather Net - Archive Documents