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CANWARN New Brunswick


CANWARN (CANadian Weather Amateur Radio Network) is a network of volunteer Ham Radio Operators who observe and report both winter and summer severe weather conditions. Reports are passed on via amateur radio to a net controller at the Environment Canada Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre (ASPC) in Dartmouth. This information is then passed directly to the forecasters for incorporation into the forecast.

Similar networks have been operating in Southern Ontario and throughout the United States (SKYWARN) for the past several years.

CANWARN New Brunswick was implemented in January 1994 and has proven to be a very successful way of getting vital information to the Weather Office in a timely fashion.


  • To supplement the network of regular weather observing sites across the province of New Brunswick during severe weather conditions
  • To have a better idea of the evolution of winter and summer severe weather storms so that more accurate forecasts can be made and lives and property protecte.

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