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Message Board Links


Insectduel's ROM Hacking Forum My OWN Forum


Insectduel's Winxclub Board: Acmlmboard style will be here in July 2008 or never at all.


Acmlm' s Board The best and the largest message board that you can talk about or to chat to on almost anything in the forum. Oblivously the WORST community of  all message boards.


Acmlm's Board 2 Xkeeper's OWN Board.


Acmlm' s Board Archive 2 The OLD message board to look at. You cannot register or to login in that archive.


Acmlm' s Board Archive 3 The OLD message board to look at. You cannot register or to login in that archive.


Acmlm' s Overclocked Board Really OLD Board with more things to look at


The Romendo Boards The message board where the ASM hacking forum and some other ROM hacking stuff.


The Pokémon Community The message board where you talk about Pokémon and the Pokémon hacking itself.


Ice Board The number one Message Board of all time. You could post comments, RPG Battle your friends and more features it's ever had and it's much better than Acmlm's Board.


Game on Where rctxtreme owns this message boards took place.


Darklink898 Forums Another good board for hacking resources.


Googie's Board Googies OWN Board with a few resources too and including AD links.


Funpic dot org Where Insectduel learns the necessary knowledge of PHP and MySQL for the new Insectduel's Board.


A Yoshi Forums A board where SMW hacking and others took place.


Winx Club Message Board We are the Winx, We are the Winx, come join the club. This board involves Winx Club stuff and the fans itself. 4kids TV owns this board.


Rom hack links


AP’s SMB hacks The site that you see AP’s own hacks and including hosted ones. There’s also where the trained IPS patches is at and the F.A.Q.’s on SMB Reformer.


Andre's Homepage The site where all his SMW creations.


Acmlm’s ROM hack domain The home of the Strangebros SMB collection and some utilities as well.


Peter_ac’s site The site where Peter_ac collect his own hacks.


Custom Block Workshop Where the blocktool blocks to download


Golden Yoshi’s Domain  The site where Golden Yoshi collect his own hacks as well.


Googie's ROM Hack Domain The site where all of his latest hacks and demos.


KPhoenix's ROM hacking Domain KPhoenix's own SMW Project site.


Darklink898's domain Where all the good SMW hacks and projects that Darklink898 ever made. The site where the hacks and info.


Zelda 4 life site The site where other things that involves Zelda as well as hacks.


Zophar’s Domain The site where all the ROM hacks are hosted to download and some ultilies.


FuSoYa’s Niche The home of Lunar IPS, Lunar Magic and Super Demo World The Legend Continues.


SMW Central A SMW site with some SMW utilites for your SMW ROM. There are other links to it. Owned by Smallhacker and


DahrkDaiz’s site DahrkDaiz’s own hacking site


Lincolnsoft  The home of Mario Improvement 3


Hukka         The home of Mario 3 Workshop


Lemmykoopa dot com The resources of all things in the site.


Guardian hacks The home of Nintendo vs. Capcom. The greatest GFX hack from TMNT 2.


Digitalspace The home of AlexAR's created hacks and Megaman in the Mushroom Kingdom.


Other crap 

A tribute to the Great Giana Sisters A site where the Great Giana Sisters were formed.


Video Game Maps Where all the maps from every games  Where the forums and CAWS took place.


Rondell Dreams Entertainment Where the Crazy CAW Characters took place.


Japanese Lifestyle Friends Where Insectduel meets Japanese Friends online.


Create your own South Park Character The place where your South Park Characters can be created except

for Fat People and Adults. There's the original site here. Pokémon information website. There’s also a forum here.


Yu-Jyo The site where Cody Nelson summerize the differences of the Japanese and English versions of Yu-Gi-Oh.


Hana Yori Dango The site where it has crews and more by the Tokyo Broadcasting System.


Pokesho A site where the character Avatars is at. But is in Japanese.


Pokémon elite 2000 Pokémon information website that include sprites and movesets.


Pokemon Crater  The RPG site online battles takes place.  A site where the best art is designed. The OFFICIAL Winx Club Site


Trs Rockin The Missingno. fan site and some cool stuff


MySql network Where you host Mysql database on your webpage 


Bulbapedia's Fake Pokemon links Fake Sprites are the coolest thing anyone made.


Freewebs Where you design your own website at no cost. You can design it like Insectduel or other users. See below


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