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The Best Introduction

      Inorbits was formed with the simple mission of guaranteeing excellence in exact recruitment solutions with added services in Training, Motivation and Staff Removal Programmes. The difference from the many other recruiters practicing their art and all over the World is really quite significant. Firstly, Inorbits work very unconventionally, meeting target Candidates on personal levels that is by far the most superior in the recruitment industry. Secondly, at Inorbits we socialise with our target candidates, sometimes covertly, sometimes openly and we work to our mission, delivering the right candidate for our clients. We also ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality is secured for all our Candidates and Clients, where each is assigned a Mentor. This enables the Candidate or the Client one direct focal point, with one 24-hour contact number, one Email address and one point of completing to the final end. As importantly, each Mentor is very senior, of Harvard quality and working to employment solutions that are precise, honest and exact.

      Thirdly, at Inorbits we work to extreme formal standards. We insist on Terms and Conditions from both the Client and Candidate. We insist on fees where they are necessary and we insist you understand that these very standards drive results to the highest levels. There is no compromise.

      We are forthright in what we do. We tell you in writing what your prospects are as either a Client or Candidate and what we require from you. There are no questionable areas. We insist you understand that for worthwhile recruitment practices, there are no "ifs" and certainly no "buts". We tell you your costs and we support you as necessary. We are highly skilled in every industry and every discipline and we adore Candidates seeking employment in top companies or institutions like BP, Microsoft, Apple,BT,Royal Dutch Shell,ExxonMobil,Saudi Aramco,Capgemini,BCG,Bank of China,Agricultural Bank of China,China Construction Bank,Kuwait Petroleum,Abu Dhabi National Oil, Pemex,Petrobras,Total, Rosneft,ConocoPhillips,Starwood,ICHG, Cendant,CNOOC,Gazprom, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup,Mizuho,Accor,Nike,Walt Disney,Anheuser-Busch Inbev/SABMiller,HSBC, Hilton, Richemont, Sainsburys, Walmart, or top legal firms like Sidley Austin, DLA, Covington or Weil or top accountancy firms like Price Waterhouse Coopers or Deloittes. In fact we work Worldwide and in every field.

      The added services include Staff Training, Staff Removal and Staff Motivation. We believe that these three critical areas in managing your business are probably the most essentially important in improving, sustaining or surviving your businesses. We do not believe in surveys and viewpoint questionnaires in any regard despite their proven values in many organisations throughout the World. We believe that we have to hit our target Candidate immediately with Training, Motivation or Removal. It really is that simple and we ensure the minimal cost to our Client saving huge amounts on legal costs and redundancy payments and also recruitment costs - even if that hits our profit line too. Our Staff Removal programmes are geared to show our Client their own employment contracts and we use these covertly, openly, strategically, cohesively against identified Removal Candidates and we then use every essential method in removing these staff - it really is very ethical too.

      Most of our Clients are Partners, Directors or Managing Directors from every industry seeking that star performer, that solid assistant, that Director of the future and we ensure that nothing is left from our Mentor Dossier that we then file.

      We normally persuade Candidates to change firms or companies by meetings on golf courses, at tennis matches, at social outings and those hard-bitten career professionals always see our suggestions differently and positively when we have done our work with them.

      All our Candidates and Clients get sensible time frames, sensible deadlines and every Client is told that we work both covertly and openly in securing the best candidature. We expect the best because we give the best.

      To Contact Inorbits' very qualified and specialist team and strictly in writing please see the contact page or Email to our owner,Chief Managing Consultant and Managing Partner, Dinesh R Makwana at really look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely with regards,

Dinesh R Makwana FREC,

Managing Partner,

Inorbits International Recruiters and Head Hunters 




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