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Hometown Haunts

Hometown Haunts is an internet paranormal talk show produced by I.P.S.

Episodes 9-11 are now available to view. 




Mission Statement

We are a not-for-profit organization in search of the truth regarding the paranormal, and we use scientific methods of investigation.
We research the world of the unknown, and educate the public about paranormal activity.
We do not limit ourselves to just ghost hunting...  we investigate all aspects of paranormal activity.
We do not charge to come to your home or business to conduct an investigation.

Please contact us for more information.


I.P.S. offers a unique free investigation service to the public. I.P.S. travels throughout the Michiana area to research and document possible paranormal activity. Paranormal activity is broadly defined as an observed event which deviates from exisitng rules or scientific explanation. Commonly investigated paranormal activity includes supernatural activity such as hauntings. Other examples of paranormal activity can be many, but also include telepathy, psycho kinesis and extrasensory perception.

If invited to your home, business, or property you can expect discretion and professionalism. IPS representatives have the equipment and experience to understand and document the situation.

November 2007 EVP

Check out this amazing recording taken during the "old school" investigation in November 07. Keep in mind no one in the room was playing music.