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This is my new Site...In this place, you'll find most cool thing for your mobile phone(s). At first, I tried using NVU. But, I'm a freakin' dumb, I really dont know how to use that application. Fortunately, SNGD from myForum told me about Freewebs, it has the most easiest way to make a cool website. Anyways, Thanks for visiting my site.


Update! After a year, 19 Oct 2007.

    Heck!! Its so good to be here back... Anyway, hell yeah, I'll bring more games review...

Update; 29th July

 After a long time from my update, finally, I've updated my site. For PC gamers, behold... Games Review page, I play them, you read them

Click Here!

Update; 27 March

Added my friend in the Supporting Teams, check it out!!

Update; 23rd March

Added two new themes on the x6xx theme page, scroll down a bit, and you'll see it