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We love to hear Quran MP3 while we are doing our homeworks. Everyday, we have 5 hours to do the homeworks, at least 3 hours. The Science activities is in Ely WHitney Museum (The Water Center). We also have Physical Education Class in SCSU. Every Sunday, we have sunday school in masjid. At night, we have to read or to memorize the Al Quran before sleeping.

The most important, We learn and have fun in the same time.....

Insha Allah, We are trying  to update our activities weekly in

Some of the contests are:
Islamic Annual Quiz Competition
Islamic and Hadith/Al-Quran Memorization Contest
Mathcounts Competition
Geography Bee
Spelling Bee
American Mathematics Contest 8
Contests Hall
Educational Contests and Scholarships
Academic Contests for Homeschoolers
Homeschool COntests and COmpetitions
HomeschoolingComp: Pict Book Writing Competition
National Science League
Connecticut Invention Convention
Science Contest and Competition
Earth Science Week Contests
Science Olympiad National Tournament
National Science Bowl
Explora Vision of Future Technology
Lemelson Center virtual exhibits and explorations
Inventions and Designs
Connecticut Science Fair
Reading Raibow: Young Writers and Illustrators Contest
Inventions and Ideas from Science Fiction Books
Academic Kids Encyclopedia
The Warren Adler Short Story Contest
Young Scientist Challenge
National Short Story Writing Contest
US First Org: First Robotics Competition, First Tech Chall., etc.
Edu-Fun Game Invention Homeschool Fair

Field Trip is our activities outside. We went to Museum, Science Expo, Muslim Celebration Events, etc.

Some field trips that you can see online (Virtual Field Trip):

Goelogy of National Parks
Meet me at the corner
How To Make Duct Tape
How to Get Ready to Make Soap
Glass Factory
Beekeeper in NY City
The Amazon Interactive
A Tour of Your Brain
Making Maple Syrup Part 1
Making Maple Syrup Part 2
Discover America through Postcards
Kids Farm
Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull
Pest World for Kids
Great Chicago History
EduWeb Adventures by Grades
Education World Virtual Field Trip
Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World
Coffee Tour in Hawaii
Recycle City
Recycling Center
Watch Factory Tour: Cape Cod Potato Chips
Animals Web Cams at National Zoo
The Cave of Lascaux

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Arts Activities


For girls, They like to do sewing, cross stitch, and all needles activities. They make their own hijabs, their own clothes, make beautiful rugs, make beautiful cards, game maker, etc.

For Boys, They like wood working activities and stuff that are using electric or batteries. They make boat, plane, radio, game maker, etc.

Please advise your kids all the time and choose the right one.

Islamic Activities:
Islamic Arts Syllabus
Arts And Craft for Muslim Kids
Children Activities for Ramadan
Ramadan Activities
YemenLinks: Ramadan Activities Links
Making Fanoos

Arts and Crafts:
Create Your Own Playdough
Hummingbirds Feeder
Science Toys
Fun Stuff
How to make Lapbook
Craft Lists
Making Kites
Simple Pop-Ups Cards
Arts Links
Watch on How to do the Crafts
Watch on How to do the Arts and Crafts
Create a City
Create a Cosmos
Create Curly
Plastic Bag Flower
Stained Glass Window
Making Lampshade
National Gallery for American's Young Artists

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