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Some of informations you need to know to prepare for college. Please let me know if you know something that useful for others to know regarding this.
If your child plans to attend college, Cohen Cafi advises you to begin your studies with the following subjects:
  • Four years of language arts (English)
  • Three years of math (usually through Geometry or Algebra II)
  • Two to three years of science
  • Three to four years of social studies (History and Geography)
  • Two years of foreign language
  • Two years of electives

Record Keeping
It's wise to keep track of your teen's activities. Loretta Heuer's The Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts will show you how. You may need to maintain accurate records to comply with your state's statutes, or to submit them if your child must reenter high school. Independent study programs also require record keeping. For college-bound kids, remember: The records you keep today will be used tomorrow to create a portfolio for college admissions.
Record keeping can be as simple as a daily journal, or filling in each activity on a large calendar. The level of detail shown in your records will depend on both your teen's goals and your homeschooling style.

Keep good records!! Save grade and course syllabi from outside courses. Keep a file of all grade reports and test scores. Save or write up course descriptions.

For creating the transcript, you can make:
  • the years of monthly reports On the monthly reports or single sheet for each month of the year, I recorded each subject was taking with a letter grade, the number of the kid'ss volunteer hours along with the volunteer activity , and any extracurricular activities or awards/accomplishments.
  • the years of final annual reports. In each annual summary, I had recorded a list of classes taken with the corresponding text or materials used and a final grade, a reading list books, a list of field trips and activities, and a list of honors/awards/ accomplishments. In addition, each college application required a list of achievements, awards, and extracurriculars. Some colleges wanted volunteer hours--monthly or weekly. Other college applications asked for a book list.
I recommend to keep course descriptions because it will be easy to make the transcript. The transcript was only a single page, so it looked just like all the other transcripts the admissions offices were receiving from traditionally schooled kids. The course descriptions were bound in a docubind book, along with a list of achievements, awards, extracurriculars, and the reading list, and were sent to the colleges with the application.

Cafi Cohen said that, "The experience of thousands of families indicates that the answer is 'almost never need a diploma from an accredited school.'"
All homeschool parents can create their own diplomas.
"College admissions officers rely primarily on transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Most never ask about diplomas because typical applicants, high-school seniors, do not yet have them."
Homeschoolers are accepted and welcomed at most colleges. Admissions policies vary, so plan ahead to meet the requirements of colleges that interest you. Generally speaking, testing requirements (ACT/SAT I & SAT II) are the same for homeschoolers and schooled kids. Click here for detailed information on admissions testing.
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Most parents of teens who learn at home are motivated, resourceful, and determined to provide the best educational resources for their kids.
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Please see also in section By Grade in High School.
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Transcript and Record Keeping
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Making Most of Extracurricular Activities
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