We don't run, we just talk about it!

The running club is a small group of individuals that run or have run in track/cross country or just wanted to belong to a group.  We wanted to support the small majority of runners in our community.  There are other groups that support all the other sports but nothing for runners.  So here we are. 

We show our support through a couple of different ways.  The first:  our members that run road races, Jr Olympics track and cross country or anything running that requires an entry fee.  We reimburst our members half of the entry fees.  Last year we helped with over $200 in entry fees.  The second:  we give a $150. scholarship to anyone graduated from our school system that went to college and ran cross country or track.

We have given the scholarship to:  2004:  Mary Daum,  she was on the first 2 cross country teams for Lincoln College.   2005:  Nicole List, she ran cross country for Lincoln Christian College.  2006:  Brandon Grimsley, ran track for Illinois College.  2007:  Brittany Jibben, ran cross country for Lincoln College and ran in the DIV 3 Cross Country Nationals and track, was on a 4x800 team that ran at Nationals for track. 2008 was Jason List , ran xc and track since 6th grade at IC and ran last year at Eureka College.  2009 is Evan Kreiling, ran xc and track at Lincoln College.  2010 was Olivia Renken, ran at Illinois Central College.  2011 went to Jordyn Hull, ran at Illinois Central College.  She ran in the national race for cross country.  2012 was earned by Mitchell List, ran xc and track since 6th grade.  Ran xc for Lincoln College.  2013 went to Steven Ingersoll,  ran 2 years at Illinois Central College.  Has been running since 6th grade.  One of the first Jr. Olympic runners I had.

We earn our money several different ways.  We have a cook out at our local IGA grocery store and track meets.  The proceeds from the Prairie Harvest 5K race.  Sale of xc t-shirts to our school xc teams.  The last but not least, with donations. Donations can be sent to:                  IC Running Club,  Community Bank of Easton,  Easton, Il.  62633