We don't run, we just talk about it!

Don't forget to let me know how many people will be coming to the picnic so I can order the meat. E-mail, text or msg on fb will be fine.


Joining us

If you are interested in joining us for this years jo's, let me know and we will try to work something out.  You do not have to live here.  You must at least have transportation to the meets and be able to pay for the usatf number and meets.  I have interested runners in Havana, Mason City, Lincoln and Pekin. The race the day of the picnic doesn't cost to run.


There is no fee to pay to race on the day of the picnic. 

The main reason for the get together is to

1.  Pay 10.00 for the first race on Nov 11. 

2.  USATF numbers,  are you getting it or will I?  If I do, you will need to fill out the form and pay 20.00. Getting the number after Nov 1 will make the number good through Dec 31, 2017.  Getting it before will make it expire on Dec 31, 2017. 

3.  After you/I get the number, will you be sending in the Birth Certificate or will I.  If I do you will need to leave a copy for me to send in.  You will also need to get me the number as soon as you get it. 

4.  Everyone showing up will give me a number count of runners so I can make sure I have enough jerseys with me on race day.  It will let us know if we will be able to have teams for the runners.

5.  To answer any question that you may have. 


2017 Picnic

2017 Picnic

Who: All Junior Olympic Runners and Families

What: Races and Cookout for the runners

Where: Illini Central School Grounds

When: Nov 5, Races at 1 pm and eating right after. (Try to arrive earlier to complete paper work)

Why: To complete all paper work for teams and entry forms for individuals. Entry for first race: $10.00, USATF # $20.00

If you are planning on going to the races, I will answer any questions you may have. If you don’t plan on going to the races, still come watch your child run and enjoy a cookout.

I would like to have a race for all the runners. This way the family can see how hard the runners have been working. We will make it the same distance that they will run in the JO’s.

All hamburgers hot dogs and buns will be provided. All you have to bring is a dish to pass (potato salad, bean salad, chips, dip, drinks, baked beans, cake, pies, drinks, deviled eggs, corn, green beans, cold slaw, ?????), paper plates, plastic ware, napkins, condiments. When you return this form, please indicate what you will be bringing in case we get to many of one thing and I can let you know if there is anything else to bring.

If you are going to the race, runners need to bring their USATF # and if no number we will figure out how to get one. Please do not get a number until after Nov 1. If you didn’t provide a copy of the birth certificate, than we will need that also.

I am looking at 20 plus runners and families. We will need to know how many people are coming and what you are planning to bring. Please return this to me by Thursday Nov 2 or e-mail me at newelljim@yahoo.com. Cell # 217-341-4025

# of people______________ Dish_______________________

Name of Family______________________ Phone #_______________

Name of runner _____________________________



I am trying to get the Jr Olympic runners together. I am looking for anyone that wants to run in 3 races: Here are the dates of the races and the locations of the races: Illinois Association race is at Dekalb (NIU) 11/11/17, Reg 7 at Columbus, In - Ceraland Park 11/18/17 and The National Championships will be held on Tallahassee Fl - Apalachee Regional Park Trail.  12/9/17.

Information on the Association Race: http://www.usatfillinois.org/association-championships-1/2017-illinois-assoc-xc-youth-masters-and-open/


            Age Division                                                     Year of Birth

8 years & under (2009 and later)

2 km (1.24 miles)

9-10  years (2007-2008)

3 km (1.86 miles)

11-12 years (2005-2006)

3 km (1.86 miles)

13-14 years (2003-2004)

4 km (2.48 miles)

15-18 years  (1999-2002)

5 km (approx. 3 miles)


* Athletes who are still 18 through the final day of the USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships are eligible to compete in the Young Men's and Young Women's divisions through that meet. This extended eligibility does not apply to cross country events.

The top 30 individuals and top 5 teams in each age group advances to the USATF Region 7 Championships to be held on Nov 19, 2016. To advance to the national race you have to be the top 3 teams or top 20 individuals. The cost is 10.00 for the Illinois Association race, $15.00 for the Regional race and 20.00 for the National race. An athlete will need to get a USATF number with the proof of age and the cost is $20.00. These numbers are good for 1 calendar year. If you get a number before Nov 1, it will expire Dec 31 of this year. The option is wait to get one online after Nov 1st, the number will be good for 2017/18 season. The club will be the IC Running Club. The club number is 0472. You can go online to http://www.usatfillinois.org/ and join online or download a form and send it in. You need the club number to enter as a team member, if no team you will be entered as unattached. It will be harder to make it to the Nationals.

There will be a picnic on Nov 5 to get all paperwork together.

If you are interested in running please e-mail me at newelljim@yahoo.com . 217-341-4025 I will be updating the IC running club page as information becomes available to me. I will send you any updates or important information as they come in. http://icrunningclub.webs.com/



IC Running Club Jr Olympics

1. I will be starting practice on Sep 21,23,26, 27 and 30 after school until 4:15. I will get an Oct practice schedule out as soon as possible. Practice is only after school and when school gets out at normal time. We will meet on the grade school play ground by the 2 modular buildings. If your child can’t make it every day that is alright, try to be there as much as possible. Practice will be canceled because of severe weather or getting out of school early. Please make plans for that situation. If not sure, call me at 217-341-4025

2. Your athletes need to be picked up by 4:15. We are all volunteers for this event, so please be on time. If you are from out of town you must arrange transportation for you athlete.  Pickup will be in front of the building.

3. This event is not associated with Illini Central School District.

4. Do you have to go the away meets? The answer is no. You can have your child come and run with us to get used to running or to find out if they are able to. We will have a picnic and races on Oct 30 that they can attend on the school grounds. That will be the day you have to decide if you are going to the away races.

5. We will try to attend 2 races and if you qualify for the national than we will discuss the race procedures. First race is the association race in Illinois and the second is the regional race also in Illinois.

After you run the first race, you do not have to advance to the next level even if you qualify. You must run in the first race to advance to the next level.

6. You must be sure your athlete is in good health to be able to train for long distance. 2-3 miles a day.

7. I will not allow anyone to join practice without a signed permission slip.

8. The different age groups that run start at 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18.

9. My goal in doing this: teach the runners how to enjoy running and learn how to run long distances. All practices will be set up for the capabilities of the athlete. I will not ask anyone to do more than they can. Everyone can join regardless of age or talent level.


I give my child _______________________________ permission to join JR Olympics.



Parent or Guardian signature



Contact number











Association Race Results

Here are our results:

The third race and the rest got canceled because of the weather:

Sub-Bantam 2000m run
[ ] Gideon Edwards A    19th  15:10.73
[ ] Zachary Entwistle A  sick

Bantam 3000m run
[ ] Nicholas Huckabee A
[ ] James Wagoner A

Midget 3000m run
[ ] Logan Damm A
[ ] Issac Doyle A
[ ] Giovanni Mack A
[ ] Jake Wagoner A

Youth 4000m run
[ ] Andrew Edwards A

Sub-Bantam 2000m run
[ ] Abigail Edwards A   14th  12:30.44

Bantam 3000m run
[ ] Jacqueline Clem A   14th  16:28.93
[ ] Elayna Stevens A    15th   16:58.13

Midget 3000m run
[ ] Illyianna Crutcher A
[ ] Ruth Edwards A

Youth 4000m run
[ ] Morgan Bogdanic A
[ ] Emily Smoot A


Don't forget to send in the amount of people coming to the picnic and what you are bringing.  I need ot order the meat next week.  Thanks.

Illinois Association Race

It was a very windy day for the runners.  We did have some good races and some outstanding results in a few races.  Most opf the runners that ran there last year improved their times.  Here are the break down of the races:

Sub-Bantam 1500m
[ 2] Alex Marshall A  7:35
[4 ] Noah Veach A    8:13

Bantam 3,000m

[13 ] Lane Dowell A  15:37
[17 ] Ryne Griffin A    17:32
[18 ] Keith Kenken A  18:04
[10 ] Carter Martin A   14:03
[15 ] Max May A          17:12
[14 ] Hunter Welker A  16:44

Midget 3,000m
[20 ] Devon Carlin A    13:55
[17 ] Steve Hilgers A    13:41
[24 ] Drew Hooper A     16:07
[26 ] Brayden Leamon A   16:38
[6 ] David Plunkett A     11:47
[10 ] Emilio Rivera A     12:47
[22 ] Cody Thompson A   14:23
[12 ] Jacob Caggiano B   12:51

Youth 4,000m
[22 ] Brett Bennett A       16:39
[21 ] Johnathon Goodenow A    16:27
[27 ] Cody Green A    17:27
[31 ] William Green A     20:08
[30 ] Dalton Griffin A      18:49
[3rd] Daniel Plunkett A   14:18
[12 ] Jesse Thompson A   15:35
[16 ] Colin Vincent A    16:00

Sub-Bantam 1500m
[4 ] Ashlyn Canada A  7:54

Bantam 3,000m
[1st] Carlee Bale A    13:28
[11 ] Illyianna Crutcher A   19:05
[10 ] Marissa Sims A       18:15

Midget 3,000m
[13 ] Abigail Martin A   14:05
[6 ] Mariah Martindale A   12:57

Youth 4,000m
[2nd] Emily Martin A   17:14

We are off the regional race back in Plainfield on Nov 27.  All the race times are a little different.  Here is a list of times for the races: 

Sub -Bantam (born 2002 and later)

1500 Meters

Girls – 9:00 a.m.  
Boys –  9.00 a.m.

Bantam (born  2000 - 2001)

3 km (1.86 miles)

Girls –  9:30 a.m.
Boys –  10:00 a.m.

Midget (born 1998- 1999)

3 km (1.86 miles)

Girls – 10:30 a.m.
Boys – 11:00 a.m. 

Youth (born 1996–1997)

4 km (2.48 miles)

Girls – 11:30 a.m.
 Boys – 12:00 p.m. 

Intermediate (born 1994–1995)

5 km (3.1 miles)

Girls – 12:30 p.m.
 Boys – 1:00 p.m. 

Young (born 1992–1993)

5 km (3.1 miles)

Girls – 12:30 p.m.
 Boys – 1:00 p.m. 

Reno, Nev.  National race

Dalton Knazavich was the only runner to go to the national race.  Dalton ran a 20:10 and finished 161st.  All the races were delayed by an hour because of the weather.

Carmel, In. (regional race) 

The IC running club traveled to Carmel, Indiana to compete in the 2009 USATF Region 7 Junior Olympics Cross Country races. 28 athletes participated and 8 of them qualified to advance to the national race in Reno, Nevada. 8 and under: Girls: Maggie Burris was the highest placing individual at 3rd place 7:36, A. J. Canada in 4th 8:06, Kendall Hellman 8th 8:24 and Illyianna Crutcher 9th 8:51. In the boys race, Keith Renken place 10th 8:56 and was follwed by Alexander Entwistle in 11th 9:04. The 9/10 year old girls race had Angelynn Williams (Havana) 13th 14:37, Emily Entwistle 23rd 17:56, Morgan Hellman 26th 19:56, Elizabeth King 27th 21:55. The the boys 9/10 Emilio Rivera finished 15th 14:02, Brayden Leamon 22nd 17:55, Branden Higdon 23rd 18:56. Girls 11/12 year old. Alix Rawlins was 16th 13:20, Mary Leamon 36th place finish 16:02 and Shyan Kreoger 38th 16:40. The boys race had David Plunkett (Pleasant Plains) finishing 17th 12:14, Jacob McKinley 39th 14:01, Steve Hilgers 40th 14:15 and Cody Thompson 45th 14:55. 13/14 girls had Mariah Hill in at 39th 25:16. 13/14 boys, Austin Williams (Havana) was 4th 14:17, Daniel Plunkett (Pleasant Plains) 14th 14:53, Jesse Thompson 39th 16:24, Austyn Jacobs 48th 17:25 and Race Rawlins 53rd 18:02. 15/16 boys: Dalton Knazavich placed 18th 19:54, Anthony Herr (Athens) 20th 21:06 and David Paap 21st 24:43. Placing in the top 20 qualifies the athlete to advance to the national xc race. Everyone placing in the top ten earned medals.


Illinois Race

IC Running Club

The IC running club traveled to Plainfield High School to compete in the 2009 USATF Junior Olympics Cross Country races. 32 athletes participated and all of them qualified to advance to the Region 7 races at Northview Christian Life Church, 5535 E. 131st St. Carmel, Indiana. The day started off with the girls 8 and under age group where Carlee Bale won the 1500 meter race in a 6:52. Maggie Burris followed in 3rd place 7:36, A. J. Canada in 4th  8:06, Kendall Hellman 6th 8:24 and Illyianna Crutcher 8th 8:51 In the boys race, Carter Martin put up a good fight by leading the race most of the way and being taken over in the last 600 meters to finish 2nd  6:52, Keith Renken place 4th 8:23 and follwed was by Alexander Entwistle in 5th 8:46.  The 9/10 year old girls race had Abby Martin in 5th  14:59, Emily Entwistle 6th  15:04, Angelynn Williams (Havana) 8th  15:22, Morgan Hellman 11th 18:23, Elizabeth King 12th 19:57 and Meredith King 13th  20:41.  The the boys 9/10 Emilio Rivera finished 2nd  13:44, Branden Higdon 5th  16:15, Brayden Leamon 6th  16:35, Riley Entwistle 7th  16:53.  Girls 11/12 year old. Emily Martin had a good race with the lead changing several times between several girls. Emily took the lead about the 1500 meter mark and raced neck and neck with Rebecca Mann the remaining 1500 to finish in second place 12:28. Mary Leamon had a 6th place finish 13:54, Alix Rawlins was 7th 14:32 and Shyan Kreoger 9th  15:34.  The boys race had David Plunkett (Pleasant Plains) finishing 7th  12:14, Jacob McKinley 9th  12:34, Cody Thompson 13th 13:18 and Steve Hilbers 15th  13:25.  13/14 girls had Mariah Hill in at 8th  24:01.  13/14 boys, Austin Williams (Havana) was 2nd 14:17, Daniel Plunkett (Pleasant Plains) 7th  15:05, Jesse Thompson 10th  15:22, Race Rawlins 17th 16:52 and Austyn Jacobs 18th 16:57.   Everyone placing in the top ten earned medals.

2008 National Race

The weekend was very fast and seemed to be very long.  The total time we spent in Virginia was about 18 hours and the long time of the bus trip 36+ hours was fast and long.  None the less we did show up and ran our best.  Bantam girls finished 14th with Shyan Kreoger 181, Emma Stewart 200, Emily Entwistle 210, Dakota Schmeiderer 214, Morgan Helman 217 and poor Loraina Leinweber made the trip to come down with the flu and not able to run.  Bantam boys finished 16, Keynan VanMeter 181, Emilio Rivera 200, Cody Thompson 204, Steve Hilgers 210, Riley Entwistle 215, Braden Higdon 216 and Drew Rabbe 217.  Midget boys had the best finish of the day with Austin Williams 33.  Young girls was Skye Mibbs 124 and Alex LeSuer 207.  Young boys was a fast race and Kyle Sims was 126. 

Here is the link for the results:  http://www.usatf.org/events/2008/USATFJuniorOlympicXCChampionships/results/

We are starting to look for next year for the national race in Reno, Nev.  The sponsorships will have to be sent early and to as many corporations as possible.  It will be a big expense!  We will see who is all willing to work on this for the year.  Let me know if you would like to help.

2008 Regional Race Results

Sub-bantam:  girls:  Carlee Bale place 2nd, Angelynn Williams finished 3rd, Autumn Saferite 15th and Marissa Sims 17th.  Bantam:  girls: The team finished 2nd with Emma Stewart leading the team with 10th place Shyan Kreoger 14th, Emily Entwistle 16th, Lorena Leinweber 18th, Dakota Schmeiderer 20th, Morgan Helman 21st, Elizabeth King 22nd, Cheyenne Saferite 24th and Emily Banister 25th.  boys:  The boys team was lead by Keynan VanMeter in 19th, Emilio Rivera 21st, Cody Thompson 22nd, Drew Rabbe 24th, Steve Hilgers 25th, Braden Higdon 26th, and Riley Entwistle 28th.  Midget:  girls:  Kaylee Barnes 21st.  boys:  Austin Williams finished 3rd, Austyn Jacobs 34th, Willie Green 35th, Cody Green 38th, Jacob McKinley 39th, Rush Hoehne 40thand Zach McCreery 43rd.  Youth:  girls:  Alex LeSuer 16th, Skye Mibbs 17th, Grace Garrison 34th and Haley Hilton 42nd.  boys:  Kyle Sims was 7th, Ted Doellman 38th and Race Rawlins 45th.  Intermediate boys:  Andrew Williams 27th, Dalton Knazavich 31 and Anthony Herr 32nd.  For the complete results and times you can go to: http://www.kompusport.com/results/xcountry/2008/usatf_region7.html

2008 Illinois Association Race Results

Sub-bantam:  girls:  Carlee Bale won the race in 6:50, Angelynn Williams finished 2nd, Marissa Sims 7th and Autumn Saferite 8th.  boys:  David Snider won the race in 7:15.  Bantam:  girls:  Abby Martin lead the team with a 4th place finish followed by Emma Stewart in 5th, Shyan Kreoger 6th, Emily Entwistle 8th, Dakota Schmeiderer 9th, Lorena Leinweber 10th, Morgan Helman 11th, Cheyenne Saferite 12th, Emily Banister 13th and Elizabeth King 14th.  boys:  The boys team was lead by Drew Rabbe with a 5th place finish, Steve Hilgers 6th, Keynan VanMeter 8th, Braden Higdon 9th, Emilio Rivera 12th, Cody Thompson 13th, Seamus Kelly 15th and Riley Entwistle 17th.  Midget:  girls:  Selena Bradshaw 4th, Emily Martin 7th, Kaylee Barnes 9th and Alix Rawlins 11th.  boys:  Austin Williams finished 2nd, Austyn Jacobs 15th, Willie Green 18th, Cody Green 19th, Rush Hoehne 20th, Zach McCreery 21st and Jacob McKinley 22nd.  Youth:  girls:  Skye Mibbs finished 8th, Alex LeSuer 10th and Grace Garrison 13th.  boys:  Kyle Sims was 3rd and Race Rawlins 17th.  For the complete results and times you can go to:  http://www.kompusport.com/results/xcountry/2008/usatf_il.html 


We made it.  We ran.  We came home.  Here are the results of the nationals.  Selena 56- 13:30, Alix 163- 15:25, Eileen 213- 19:03, Sara 215- 19:06, Mary 216- 19:10, Lorena 223- 21:00, Shyan dnf.  Austin 75- 11:41.  Skye 108- 12:50,  Grace 241- 14:35.  Olivia 79- 26:03. 

Regional Race

I am happy with the results of the race, a third of the runners advanced, 14 to be exact.  In the sub-bantam race we had Drew Rabbe 3rd, 7:50 and Emilio Rivera 5th, 8:02 for the 1500.  The bantam girls team placed third and advanced. I don't have the actual places yet.  The times were Selena Bradshaw 13:10, Alix Rawlins 15:15, Emily Martin 16:18, Shyan Kreoger 16:26, Mary Leamon 20:45, Sara Richards 20:50 and Lorena Leinweber 21:45.  The bantam boys had Jacob McKinley advance by placing 20th 14:18.  The rest were Rush Hoehne 26, 15:43, Noah Burton 29, 16:52, Stevie Hilgers 31, 17:01.  Midget girls both advanced, Skye Mibbs 9th, 12:21 and Grace Garrison 20th, 14:13.  Austin Williams was the only midget boy to advance by placing 6th, 11:23.  The rest were Jacob Servis 39th, 12:56, Austyn Jacobs 47th, 13:43, Dylan Kreoger 49th, 13:46, Cody Green, 57th, 15:41 and Willie Green 58th, 15:52.  Youth girls: Brooke Gordon placed 11th, 16:12 and Haley Hilton 54th, 21:07.  Intermediate boys had Steven Ingersoll run but I have to get his place and time.  Youth women Olivia Renken placed 6th and advanced.  On to the Nationals!!!!!

Association Results

We did pretty good, 31 of the 35 runners advanced to the next level, the regional race in Terra Haute. Some of the runners ran their first race ever and they found out that the other runners are serious.  Here are the names, places and times:  Sub-Bantam:  4th Emilio Rivera 7:31, 6th Drew Rabbe 7:51. 

Bantam girls team placed 2nd:  6th Selena Bradshaw 12:57, 9th Emily Martin 14:19, 15th Alix Rawlins 15:13, 17th Eileen Urish 15:36, 20th Sara Richards 18:25, 21st Mary Leamon 18:28, 23rd Lorena Leinweber 23:22, Jenah Thompson dnf.

Bantam boys team placed 3rd:  15th Rush Hoehne 14:19, 18th Jacob MeKinley 14:59, 19th Stevie Hilgers 15:33, 20th Noah Burton 15:40, 22nd Jake Williams 15:54

Midget girls: 10th Skye Mibbs 12:45, 11th Grace Garrison 13:22

Midget boys team placed 4th:  1st Austin Williams 10:49, 18 Jacob Servis 12:46, 19 Dylan Kroeger 12:47, 26 Austyn Jacobs, 13:26, 33rd Cody Green 14:55, 34th Willie Green 15:19.

Youth girls:  7th Brooke Gordon 15:51, 20th Haley Hilton 21:06

Youth boys team placed 5th:  18th Kyle Sims 14:51, 21st River Gordon 15:02, 30th Andrew Williams 15:36, 37th Spencer Piper 16:31, 39th Ted Doellman 16:49, 40th Dalton Knazavich 16:55, 41 Anthony Herr 17:10, 43 Ray Braden 17:39, 44 Nick Kotty 17:40.