Jonas Brothers!!! <3

Joe Jonas



 Basic Facts:

 Full name is Joseph Adam Jonas

Born August 15, 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona

He is 19 years old

Joe is currently 5'11



Fun Factsss!:

He dated Taylor Swift and broke up with her on the phone in 27 seconds

He doesn't know how to drive yet he only has his permit

He the "whild child" of the group

He likes to eat potato chips with his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

He was backup vocals for nick when he sang Christian music

He wants to someday design a disco ball helmet

According to his mom Joe would do a lot of things like getting his head stuck in a railing.

Joe wears glasses because he’s nearsighted (like me!!)

He doesn’t like it when a girl asks him out, he prefers to make the moves

His favorite word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

His favorite songs from the album is Australia and Still in love with you

His celebrity crush is Jessica Alba.. He said he would see her at their wedding

He says signs he likes you is winks and lots of hugs

His favorite ice cream place is pinkberry

He dated AJ from aly&aj

If he were a crayon he would be

He prefers to text a girl than call her

He dated a girl name Mandy which they named a song after on their first album

He’s not scared to let a girl know he likes her

His favorite ice cream is chocolate marshmallow

 His favorite movies are four feathers, and juno                 

He can do a full split

He considers his friends his good luck charms

He originally never wanted to become a singer, he wanted to become a comedian

He fell while entering at the AMA’s

He had to get stitches because he fell while making a facebook video...he had a book on his face and said his name was book face.

His favorite color is blue

His favorite bands are Copeland and switchfoot

He enjoys working out, jogging, and making movies

His favorite sports are football and wiffleball

His favorite food is a chicken cutlet sandwich with mayo

His favorite song is “only hope” by switchfoot

Favorite actor is Jim Carey

His favorite actress is Natalie Portman

He loves to eat Twix and tootsie rolls

His favorite board game is monopoly

Before dates he straightens his hair

He considers himself the biggest ladies man out of the Jo Bro’s

When he was younger he was very attached to his barney bank

Once when he was little he got his head stuck in his tambourine

His most ticklish spot is his neck

During an interview recently he says Miley Cyrus needs a straight jacket

His horoscope is a Leo

He plays guitar, piano, percussion, and tambourine

When he lived in New Jersey he used to share his room with his brother Kevin… they used it as a wrestling rink with their brother Frankie

He says “I absolutely love to do the Soulja Boy.. Even though I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing 3/4 of the time”

His first big purchase was Nike Dunks

He currently owns 5 guitars..3 are Gibson’s

He doesn’t have his liscencse yet only his their reality series Jonas Brothers :Living the dream he’s taking his drivers test...hopefully he passes!!

His favorite vacation spots are the Bahamas and Jamaica

His favorite snack is a power bar

Joe has been homeschooled since he was in 7th grade but now he is back in High School

Joe owns the iPhone

His mom says he was a little quiet when he was little... but now she says he is definitely the loudest

He loves shiny things, so whenever he sees them he gets shiny shoes because that’s his favorite piece of clothing

He was born on their parents 4th wedding anniversary

He is a bery big fan of High School Musical. His favorite character is Chad played by Corbin bleu

The best present he ever got from a fan was a stuffed hippo

His favorite book is a Wrinkle in Time

On one of his youtube videos he does a celebration dance, for their new album that came out last year, at a six flags performance

He likes girls that wear leggings

Joe prefers tea over Coffee

His favorite Baby Bottle Pop flavor is cotton candy

Along with his brothers Joe was apart of the church choir