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Icom IC 706 Mark II G with a 350 hz CW filter and 100 watts of output power.

Bencher paddles.

The antenna is a dual band hybrid system which consists of:

3/4" x 4' stainless steel mast.
B&W Hy Q coil tapped for 40 meters (7.180 MHz).
The whip on top of the coil is 7' 2" long for a total antenna length of 12' 4".
Under the 40 meter coil is a 20 meter resonator which is mounted at a 45 degree angle. The 20 meter resonator is a Hustler 80 meter resonator rewound to resonate on the 20 meter band. This type of system will cover the entire 20 meter band with an SWR of less than 1.5:1.
For information on how to modify the Hustler Resonator for either 15 or 20 meters, go to the following web page: Hop Up Your Hustler
(Foot note: I always wanted to try 160 meters mobile. I just put the Kenwood TS480 SAT in the car and made a 160 meter resonator. Lately I've been checking into the 1900 group (1900 khz) at 0000Z on Weds. evenings while driving home from the local club's station. I've gotten favorable results.)
A matching transformer is located at the base of the antenna to provide a low SWR at the resonant frequencies of the two bands.

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