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flash and java power this site


Welcome to the HybridLabs Site


flash and java support

Go to the Lancer links library for download support or go to this link that will take you right to the link library www.freewebs.com/hybridlabs/hybridlinkslibrary.htm

be sure to check out what else the hybrid links library offers, it has some of the best links to multimedia sites.

Big News

1] Hybrid plans

since the sites launch.


Other News





1] be sure to vote using our new poll in community.

2] learn important multimedia history at our "Lancer Monthly" Commemoration  region. This month its J. Stuart Blackton.                                                                                         






3] Chat with others in community using shout, or chat using LancerCrest insiders open chat room.

4] You can also post in our guest book thats basically a forum.  


A deliverer of digital multimedia and various other content of all forms that will only grow as time progresses.  Inspired by our vision, brought to view by cutting edge technology and software. This only powers the art we create, but it is the very mind that us HybridLabs Officials have that makes our art something simply worth watching.



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