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Vami is the name, and this site (formally built for characters on chat role plays) is a dictionary of my role playing characters from the famous, such as Lucious von Lingo and Gambit Moon, to the not so known, as Darkend Echo or Trevor. Feel free to explore both dead, currently playing, "shelf" characters, and future character ideas I have. Not all are currently being played, however they all belong to me. So please, no stealing. This is merely knowledge for you and a holder for me.

Known Sites Joined: Yucatan, Sun Keepers, Starlight Pride Lands, Pariahs, Revelations, Painted Feathers, My Last Remorse, Margaritaville, Jiao, Emerald Mist, Deliverance, Cher, Cruel Reality, Against The Odds, Ichimura, Orantia, Rynar Gelid, Incendio, Sumaredin, Color Guard, Rainy Grove, Zenith, Reign of Terror, Everlasting Pridelands, Lemon Wolves, Ignis Fatuus, Lupine Atrophy, Arauma, Oracle Vale, Road to Assia (The Preacher), Collar Door, Oberon, Willow Creek, Keepers of the Night, Windriver Valley, Empire, Hoax, Bane, Gutter (Lucious von Lingo), Anomaly (Lucious von Lingo, Capone), Moonlight Shadows Pack, Allure, Stranded, Frei, Stop Ward, Diripio, Imperium, Taiyae (Grimacy), Bantui, Deniigi, Zogern, Raynes, Doutaini (Gambit, Lemon, Shurikane, Rocket...), Torva (Harvey), Harbinger (Eckhart, Banquo), Ruins of Wildwood (Elettra, Bane), Verity (Fossil), Ciroc (Beowulf), Wild Wolf Society (Rocket), Wolf Town (Rocket), Sordid Secrets, Valoria (Nutmeg, Rhode), Fenrir (Murphy)


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