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Email Recieved - Sept. 2, 2011

Wanted to see how you are doing,Harley-?
Hello Ryan, - Sept.2, 2011

We are still plugging away. We are no longer working
construction since last Sept. We are building a ministry
and mostly busy working at finding funding.

How, where and what are you doing?
Hello Harley, Sept. 7, 2011

This is Shatah. Ryan hadn't been on his personal email
for over a year so I had to go back in and get it reset up.
We are doing well...Ryan is working up in Omaha, and
I'm getting ready to move up there next month.

I must say that we have been clean now for three years
and can Thank You for that!!! There was a reason you
came into our lives and can't tell you how much of a
difference you made. I will never forget the night Ryan
told me to call you, and when I finally did it was the
call that changed my life. After that night I have
never picked up where I left off :)
Are you looking to build a church? I'm glad to see
that is what direction God has led you in. Stay in
touch and I will see if I know of any funding besides


Harley,  Sept. 8-2011

Shatah,may we put this on our web site?

Of course you can. I tell as many people as I have the
opportunity to about it. I have seen friends and people
I know continue to struggle with drug abuse and
know that you and your wife were our saving angels.

Not many people can say after using for 3 years straight
that they were able to stop cold turkey due to prayers.

It's a blessing


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