Teaching & Ministering Healing
Through Faith
MARK 16:15-18

Death Experience

Not now Lord!

I was in the bathroom shaving on a Saturday morning in September, 1993 when Beth said 

"Harley  something is ------- n o  t-------- 
r i g - h - t"

I took two steps to my left and look down the hall into the living room where she was sitting in a small swivel rocker.

Her head was flopped down on her chest. Margaret (mother-law) was sitting beside her and had a look on her face of panic and unbelief.

As I ran over and slid to a stop on the hardwood floor in front of her, I raised her head with my hand on her forehead, her eyes were wide open and I saw for the first time, (the death stare).

I often wondered how you know a death stare when I have heard someone make that comment. Now I know that You will know it when you see it.

I placed my hand over her mouth and nose and could not feel a breath. I had put my ear down on her chest and could not hear a heartbeat and my hand on her wrist I felt no pulse.

I lifted my head up wards and said, "What do you want of me now?"

I had no thought in my mind to do anything, but I struck her very hard on her chest.

Margaret had stopped to say hello to Beth and was sitting beside her. I said "Margaret-call the rescue 911 ". Then I leaned forward and slid my arms under her arms and around her back to get a good stronghold on her, leaning back and rising with my knees and legs, I twisted and laid Beth out on the floor.

I knew enough to call Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I proceeded to apply a chest compression, and take authority over the spirit of death and binding the spirit of death. I was claiming her healing as per the stripes of Jesus.

It was approximately sixteen to eighteen minutes when the rescue squad personnel walked in the front door. They verified that she had no heart beat nor respiration. A few moments later, Beth open her eyes and said (Slowly, slurred, mumbling and broken up), "what are you doing to me?"

Beth did not tell me about her after death experience for several months. She was afraid to, but you will be able to read about that on another page when I get it written and posted.

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