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About Me
Dartagnan- is a tall muscular male with black hair and amber eyes. He usually keeps to himself but is open to meeting people. If you are a friend of his or if you are important to his friends he would put his life on the line for you and protect you. He is a very loyal and trustworthy person and has a leadership aura about him but he wouldn't challenge an alpha or threaten a Pack unless he thought they were harming his friends. His native language is French but he can speak English , but with an accent Aubin- is a male about 17 or 18 years of age .he is tall with dark brown/black hair and pale green-blue eyes that contrast with his tan skin. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude and let's things happen as they may, but will protect anyone close to him if they need it. He tends to act like he doesn't care about anything and that nothing matters. He speaks English but knows a little French Beau-is the slightly secretive one. He is about 16-17years old has black hair and pale skin and golden eyes. He will talk but not very much and is quiet, he also refuses to let himself get too close to anybody emotionally and he won't let anybody touch him or get very close. He speaks French , and doesn't understand English , but Marmion Dax is his translator. He hasn't learned to speak English because he won't let anybody close enough to teach him. Marmion Dax -is a young male about 11-12years old . He has auburn hair and dark green eyes and he is kind of small for his age. He is very trusting sometimes overly so and is loving and playful. He is slightly clumsy and very social. He is oftenthe one who serves as a translator for Beau , even though Beau doesn't ask and won't socialize with him. Though Marmion Dax is the closest one to Beau.he can speak both English and French

About Me

About Me

"Fairytales are beautiful lies to shield the fragile heart from the world's madness."

                                                  -Sage Rosalinda, "Teddy"

[Basic Information]

Where am I...?

As most nomads, young Teddy is always detached from most  unless she believes it'd affect her at one point another. A friend here and there, and the young neko is set. Being at that adventurous age of fifteen, she tends to eavesdrop a bit and get into things that'd be best left alone. Her personality is very timid, only lashing out at people when she feels that she's cornered. Long, silken midnight blue hair that comes all the way past her chest with pale, sky-colored orb rimmed with a darkened ring and skin pale as a white lily. Teddy stands out above most people in the forest with her dark, prussian blue frilly dress; almost like one of the princess a long ago princess would wear- except that it's ripped and worn beyond repair-  with an ebony choker. . The girl comes from an old tribe of nekos that adapted much like the cat clans here.


ѕнa∂σω & ѕaηε
About Me

Hey I am Shadow. Proud Alpha to Rising Dream Pack. *holds head high* You may not remember me but I most likely remember you. I used to be treated with high respects and loyalty. But now Im a lousy piece of sh*t cuz I left my pack -_- Only because of my friggin computer. Never meant to. My goals are to gain members , reign ,be a great alpha again , get my alpha male back U_U And regain my old life.. I have no mate.. I think >< My crush is Rogue. I have no offspring.

[Base] Wolf Form:

Human Form:

Demonic Wolf


Sane is a female girl that is at the age of 2 years/16 years old. Not the nicest girl in the world But if your on her good side. She is nice , sweet , random , funny , awesome ;3 , couragous , brave But if mean ; Sly , cunning , evil , wicked , mysterious , loud , living hell , annoying , and soon ends with death >3< Either way she has 2 sides. Love and Hate. Your journey to take it. Her twin sister is Shadow and she will protect her with all of her life. If you either hurt Shadow or Her She will quickly snap your neck in two. Understood?

America is a mare horse. Her owner is Maugerite. She is tamed and very calm.

21 years old
About Me


เtคץєll ๒єรtгєll
About Me

My true site on webs:

26 years old
About Me


   Wolf Of The Northern Wind~

๖ۣۜ§₭itsune is a Shape shifting wolf. Her body is skinny and slightly muscular .She has fur that is blueish gray and her eyes are almost a perfect match. She has a small vertical scar that starts at her shoulder and ends at her forearm. She holds her honor and loyalty close. She will defend herself and others but usually prefers to be the one who stops the fights rather than starts them. 

She has a human form that is her secondary form to her first, wolf body. Her DNA wasn't an even equilateral to her other side so she can't attain her full human form. She is stuck with a pair of black ears and tail. Though If she flattens her ears they manage to blend with her ebony hair . She usually wears a white coat with a black fur trim around the sleeve cuffs and hood. Other than that her style changes usually. 

Theme: Don't Stop -by Innerpartysystem

Human Form: ( it's kinda big xP)


25 years old
About Me

About Me



25 years old
About Me

მցε: 17

բმოἶlყ: The Chapter

ჩօղძ: Saccaro

About Me


♥ вℓυє ♥ & Others
About Me


Blue is a 2 year old she-wolf. She has not got a mate, or a crush at the moment. She is blue with streaks of black along her back, and white. In her human form, she has white hair. A small white dress, and blue eyes. She is an aunty, of Aymi, and Isabelle. She is a half-aunt of Olivia. She rides horses, she has one called Crisie. Who is a bay colour, with a black mane. Crisie has a foal called Ginger, and she can't ride Crisie as often because her horse has to take care of her foal. But they still spend time together.


Tripp is the father of Aymi, and is mates with Alexandra. He isn't a father just yet though, Aymi is not born yet. He used to be mates with Lo, but it turned around. His sister is Blue. He is black and white in wolf form, his ears brown. In human form he has black, short, scruffy hair. He wears a variety of clothes, but mainly a black coat. And his eyes are a dark, rich purple.


Rogue use to have a girlfriend, though she disappeared- Shadow. He misses her deeply, and is looking for her. He thinks of himself in a relationship, but really isn't. He doesn't trust her as much as he used to, after she abandoned him and went out with Maximus. When he died, he was happy to see her, but now he wants to abandon her, by playing hard to get. He's very emotional at the time, and sensetive. It's changed him a lot.

He is black with a grey swirl on his left ear and right eye going down to his legs, with white eyes in his wolf form. In human form, he has brown hair which he usually scruffs up, and wears jeans with 4 pockets, two front, two back; only. His shirts are different depending on his mood.

The News from my Charries:


Rogue is single, so is Blue.

Blue is hard to get, but Rogue is in the middle I guess. He's mainly in the Loners.


§♱Øբო απმ ოαπץ Ø♱հєяى
20 years old
About Me

Storm: born to the lonr named leaf she has black fur and icy blue eyes, a cat named deathstar tried to give her to fireclan but she ran away (for anyone that knew stromstar: she's a reincarnation of stormstar) |Fireclanm, Warrior|

Aurora: a former spy for the lners and rouges who passes off in thunderclan as a former loner named glowheart, blue-gray with white tail-tip ear-tips and a white cirlce around one eye, has purple eyes, also has a cast which wraps around her right eye, purposely got exiled from thunderclan. |Aurora's Army, Leader|

Leaf: loner, mates with night, gray she-cat with luminescent green eyes, from across the sea. |Twilight Rose, Second in Comand|

Bravesoul(formaly tinyworth): adoptive daughter of foxtail, was born blind but was cured by foxtail. deaf in one ear. has sworn revenge on her former mentor stoneheart |??, ??|

Aeternam: black tom with white tabby markings |Loner|

Darksky -Dark blue-gray tom, mute, and comunicate using various signalls with his tail and ears |Chainclan, Warrior|

Blazefeather - Orange tom with balck tabby marks and icy blue eyes |Fireclan, Deputy|

Moonstorm - gray she-cat with deep blue eyes |Fireclan, Medicine cat|

Shadowheart - Black she-cat with amber eyes, partly responsible for the death of Fireclan's first leader stormstar |Fireclan, Sort-of Warrior|

Eagle that steals shadow - A brown she-cat with a white underbelly that stas at he rmuzzle and ends at her tail tip with two marks on the far side of each eye. She was bron in a itter of two. originally named Eagle that catches mouse. She snuck out with her brother, Shadow that blocks light, to explore but her brother was stolen by an eagle. and their mother blamed Eagle. and since then has been known as Eagle that steals shadow. |Tribe of Rushing Water, Lowest Ranking Member|

Fallingleaf - Brown tom with tortiseshell markings |Cavrenclan, Warrior|

Flightstorm - Beautiful tortiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes |Cavrenclan, Warrior|

Petalwhisker: White she-cat with cream flecks the resemble falling petals, has one green eye and one blue |Thunderclan, Warrior|

Eternitykit: Brown she-kit with a darker faded brown on he rbacka nd ear tips, has white markings on her face and white spots on her back with three white rings on her tail Has forest green eyes, also known to cut herself with he rown claws and to be a little insane, in a bad way.Also has a vertical scar on her face that starson her forehead and ends on her chest |Thunderclan, Kit|

Accident: Blue-gray she-cat with three wide blakc rings on he rtail black paws and black eye markings |Thunderclan, Wants to be a Medicine Cat|

Sweep: Strongly built golden brown tabby tom with a lage bushy tail and a white tail-tip, has ambe reyes, also carries arong a small brown pouch on his shoulder, |Loner|

About Me

21 years old
About Me

About Me

Abby Winter Yoga Pics
33 years old
About Me

Abby Winter Yoga Pics

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About Me

Okay, so if anyone recongnises me it's because I've been a member of Kugyay since 2007, so yeah, don't think I'm a noob or anything with a stupid name, because I used to be one of the most known cats around Kugyay...  -.- So please, don't diss... 8D

Kitties of mine~

Spottedlove[oldie as well]



[I'll get the sites later~]

Alana & Griffen & Argon
About Me

Alana~is a pretty she wolf. she has a brown underside, dark paws and ear tips and she has a green coat on top. she has dark green markings on her back, around her eyes and on her hunches. she also has bright green eyes that seem to glow. she has a great personality and a good heart, she would help anyone she could. she has a sweat, kind, caring personality that shows and people often trust her with anything. she has a loyal heart. despite her nice reputation she can be fierce and sometimes deadly, when she is mad and she would kill and die for her friends. when you first meet her she often looks at things in a positive way, and often sees it as- i treat you how you treat me.--past:she cant remember most of her past but can remember certain parts.~alana has a human form

crush/mate:none atm

Griffen~is a full grown male wolf.he has a rare looking flame colored coat whit white underside, white paws, chest, and muzzle and a long tail.  his odd coat color makes his deep blue eyes stand out.despite his sometimes dominant  personality, he would never challenge his leader and has a lot of respect for others. he tends to be a father figure to the pups, but he has never had any pups of his own...or a mate for that matter--past:he had a hard life when he was a young pup, which has seemed to make him stronger

mate:none atm

Argon~is a male pup with brown underside and a dark brown top coat. he has warm honey colored eyes, and he is a sweat, kind, and affectionate wolf.  he likes to make friends and go on adventures. that thirst for adventure sometimes gets him into trouble, and other times it gets him hurt. but when he isn't finding adventure he is usually playing with his friends and running around like a normal pup.--past:he was found by Alana and griffen when he was only weeks old, but he cant remember his past

crush:none atm

~ Griffen found Alana in a human trap and freed her. they stayed together as friends and soon saved argon , who thought for a long time that Alana was his sister and still calls her his sister sometimes, but none of them are related.griffen has acted as a father figure for Alana and argon as they grew up.

Anna Jordan
37 years old
About Me

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