Howard's Volvo Maintenance

Common Maintenance Items

Besides oil change, air filter, and spark plugs. Here are some common maintenance items on this car.

ATF should be flushed every 30k miles. For whatever reason, car manufactures started not suggesting ATF flush at 30k service. Flushing ATF is likely the #1 best thing you can for transmission longevity.

On AWD cars, If there is slight leak, check the fluid level at every oil change. I stick the tip of a bent paper clip in the fill hole to check for the oil level.

At around 80k+ miles, suspension components generally are worn and need to be replaced. The car will drive really nice like its brand new after these are replaced. 

My Experience

For what ever reason, my early build (04/2000) 2001 V70 T5 has encountered every common problem with this car and then some. As with most European cars, problems seems to arise at just after 100k miles. Both of my cars had rapid sequence of failures between 100-120k miles. As I look through the car, I can see some part differences. It is as if Volvo updated a lot of parts during even this first year of building this car. Of course one car is AWD while the other one is not, but I do find part differences even away from the AWD system.

The issues that both cars have faced are the following. They match what many other people have encountered with this car

  • Upper Engine Torque Mount
  • Lower Transmission Torque Mount
  • Filler Cap seal
  • Lower Control Arm Bushing
  • Spring Seat
  • Turbo Oil Leak
  • ECC has no heat
  • PCV system clogged

On the V70XC, I see oil on the bottom of angle gear during every oil change. But the fluid level never goes down when I check it. It is likely the common turbo air intake leak is leaking directly onto the bevel gear instead.

In additional, I have also encountered the following common problems on 1 of my 2 cars 

  • MAF failure
  • Rear Door Lock
  • Fuel Door Hinge
  • CV Axle Boot Clamp leaking
  • Worn propeller shaft front CV joint