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Mary E. Diederichs' Performing Resume!




"Mary is a natural model."--Alexandra Franceschi, artist

"Mary has a lot of stage presence."--Diane Farrell, audience member

"Mary has the ability to pull all the attention on to her and away from whatever else is happening in the frame."--Mark Price, filmmaker

"Mary has great skin, good bone structure, and a great figure."--Rod, male model

I have performed at every dance school or organization at which I have studied or taught

Frederick and Nelson, Seattle, 1975-76, Santa Claus Breakfast, dancer

Music Videos, Seattle, 1985; Karl Krogstad, Director, band "The Shreds"

Model, Seattle, 1986; Bruce Terami, photographer

Model, Seattle, 1987; Randy Hall, photographer

Model, Seattle, 1989-90; Allan Fink, artist

Model for Soldano Custom Amplification Christmas Card, Los Angeles, 1992

Model for Nordstrom Cosmetics Promotion, Seattle, 1993; Rich Hansen, photographer

Short Film, Seattle, 1994

Model, portrait, Academy of Realist Art (now Gage Academy), Seattle, 1997-1998

Model, portrait, Northwest Artists Workshop, Seattle, 1997; Henry Stinson, Director

Model, promotional, VISA, Seattle, 1998

Solo Dancer and Choreographer, Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club, International Festival, 2003, flamenco

Fortuneteller, Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club, Halloween Carnival, 2003

Promotional video, Mercer Island Boys and Girls Club, 2003, dance, teach dance, and on camera speaking

Film, "Pop", documentary, Seattle, 2003, on camera speaking

Seattle Tennis Club, Seattle, 2003, sing and design Holiday Caroling Party

Blanchet High School, Performing Arts Fundraiser, Seattle, 2004, dancer and singer

Juneteenth, Yesler Community Center, Seattle, 2004, line dance leader and dancer

Lunch in the Park, Freeway Park, Seattle, dancer, 2005, 2 performances

Seattle Parks Dept., Senior programs promotional photos, 2005, dance and teach dance

Fortuneteller, Montlake Community Center, Halloween Carnival, Seattle, 2005

Seattle Center Line Dance event, Seattle, dancer, and instructor/co-leader, 2005; Jayla McGill, Director

Montlake Summer Music Festival, Seattle, 2005, dancer, Mike Yasutake; Director

Hiawatha Community Center Sports Fundraiser, Seattle, 2006, dancer and leader

Salsa Dance Party, Seattle, July 8, 2006, leader

Grant/Thornton Holiday Party, Seattle Sheraton, Dec. 8, 2007, dance leader

Philosophy Project, Seattle, February 2008, on-camera speaking

Children's Party, Bellevue, July 2008, singer and dancer

Cinco de Mayo party, The Springs at Pacific Regent, Bellevue, WA, May 5, 2009:  Latin and Salsa dancer, instructor, leader, choreographer, and show creator

Feature Film, "Late Autumn"  (Official Selection-2010 Toronto Film Festival "Contemporary World Cinema" category, 2011 Berlin International Film Festival, and 2011 Seattle International Film Festival),  Seattle, WA, Jan. 14, 2010:  yoga student; Tae-Yong Kim, Director

Feature Film, "Grassroots" (Closing Night Gala Selection--2012 Seattle International Film Festival), Seattle, WA, July 2010:  club patron and upscale voter; Stephen Gyllenhall, Director

Promotional Model, Student Painters, Seattle, WA, 2011

Commercial, Hormel Compleats, Seattle, WA, March 2011:  breakroom hockey player, on-camera speaking, voiceover, and show product;  Chris Karges, Director

Documentary, EFT Tutorial, The Sea Ranch, CA, Dec. 2011:  on-camera client;  Gary and Tina Craig, Directors

Voiceover, Voicebox, Bellevue, WA, Dec. 2012

Model, Bumble and bumble, Seattle, WA, March 2013

Actress, Muckleshoot Casino commercial, "Club Galaxy Patron", Auburn, WA, May 2013; Adam Duplay, Director; CORD Media, Producers

Actress, Flying Shorts channel Youtube videos, "Wacky Audience Member", Seattle, WA, June 2013; Gary Brose, Director; smallbizsherpa.com

Actress, Microsoft, "Dance Instructor", Redmond, WA, August 2013

Actress, voiceover, Speed of Sound Inc., "Seattle Native", Seattle, WA; Sept. 2013

Wedding Entertainer, "Line Dance Leader", Seattle, WA; Sept. 2013

Actress, Microsoft, "Historical Ballerina", Seattle, WA; Sept. 2013

Actress, Rodolfi/Eco Chem, "Architect", Seattle, WA; Sept. 2013

Corporate Party Entertainer, Compass Housing Alliance, United Way Employee Giving Campaign Halloween Party, Disco Dance Instructor/Performer, Seattle, WA; Oct. 31, 2013

Actress, "Art Collector", Intentional Ventures, Bellevue, WA; Dec. 13, 2013

Actress, "Cowgirl", Microsoft, Redmond, WA; Jan. 24, 2014

Actress, Voiceover, "Qualcomm Cell Phone Voice Prompt", Cyanogen, Seattle, WA; Apr. 22, 2014

Actress, TV Pilot, "Self/Songwriter/Singer", Kroyendor Productions, Damien York, Director, Seattle, WA; May 17, 2014

Model, Promotional, "Taste of Mexico", Encore Nationwide, Seattle, WA; multiple dates, June 2014

Model, Promotional, Amazon/AT&T Fire Phone Employee Demo Events and Worldwide Launch, Mosaic Talent, Seattle, WA; June-July 2014

Model, University of Washington Dermatology Clinic, Medex Northwest, Dennis Reynolds, Manager, Seattle, WA; Aug. 1, 2014

Model, Fashion Costume, Rick Barnhill, photographer, Tacoma, WA; Sept. 19, 2014

Actress, "Movie Theatre Goer", The Man in the High Castle, TV Pilot; Amazon Studios; Frank Spotnitz, Executive Producer; David Semel, Director; Seattle, WA, Sept. 23, 2014

Lead Actress, Short Film, (in pre-production, more details TBA), Seattle, WA

Model, Promotional, Walmart Grand Opening Team, Mosaic Talent, Monroe, WA; Dec. 6, 2014

Actress, Voiceover, Pro-Nouncements, Randy Parten, Director, Seattle, WA; Dec. 2014-ongoing

Fortuneteller, New Year's Eve party, Wonder Struck Event Design, Katie Aweida, owner, Seattle, WA: Dec. 31, 2014

Actress, "Art Collector", SPMC, Kirkland, WA; Jan. 24, 2015

Actress, Music Video, "Friend", Paula Boggs Band, "Look Straight Ahead", Blind Vision Films, John Logsdon, Director, Nikki Hedlund, Producer; Seattle, WA, Feb. 26, 2015

Actress, "Pirate", Microsoft, Redmond, WA; March 6, 2015

Actress, "Angry Parent", Strong Start Role Play, Washington State Charter Schools Association, Rekha Bhatt, Director of Special Schools; Seattle, WA, March 27, 2015

Actress, Voiceover, Microsoft; Kirkland, WA, Mar. 30, 2015

Actress, Voiceover; Character, Project, and Director Anonymous; Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2015

Actress, Mascot, "Coffee Bean", Specialty Coffee Association of America trade show, Sprudge.com, Zachary Carlsen, Director; Seattle, WA, April 9-12, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, April 20, 2015

Actress, "Brenda Nicholas", Brenda Nicholas Episode, Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, Discovery Channel UK and ITN Productions, Producers, Stuart Pender, Director; Seattle, WA, April 27-28, 2015

Actress, Video Word Association Project, Cut.com, Blaine Ludy, Director; Seattle, WA, May 3, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc,. Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, May 8, 2015 

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc,. Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, May 17, 2015

Actress, "Art Collector", Williams Kastner; Seattle, WA, May 30, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, June 1, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, June 7, 2015

Actress, "Zombie", Zombie Hunt, Virtual Sports, Michael Rotchadl, Creative Director; Tukwila, WA, June 12, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/ City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, June 17, 20, 21, 2015

Model, Promo, AT&T, Word of Mouth Staffing, Kathleen Shaw and Angie Johnson, Event Managers: Bellevue, WA and Tukwila, WA, June 26-28, 2015

Actress, "Shopper", Price Quote Project, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Lead; Seattle, WA, July 2, 2015

Model, Promo, McDonalds (McCafe), Dragon Fest, EZ Event Promotion, Jason Irizarra, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, July 12, 2015

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava, Inc., Brenda Packard, Lead; Seattle, WA, July 27, 2015

Actress, "Agent Hotstuff", Getty Images, Justin Young, Director; Seattle, WA, August 27, 2015

Actress, "Zombie, Lead", Promo Video, Virtual Sports, Alex Wright, Manager; Tukwila, WA, Sept. 16, 2015
Actress, "Protester, Lead", No Gasoline Day film, Coltura, Samaj, Artistic Director; Seattle, WA, Oct. 4, 2015

Actress, "Republican", Video Project, Cut.com, Blaine Ludy, Director; Seattle, WA, Oct. 10, 2015

Actress, "Protester", Climate Change March, Coltura, Matthew Metz, Director; Seattle, WA, Oct. 14, 2015

Actress, "Zombie", Fight the Fright, Virtual Sports, Suzi Mirchand, Marketing Director; Tukwila, WA, Oct. 31, 2015

Actress, Voiceover, Voicebox; Bellevue, WA, Nov. 12, 2015

Actress, "Professional Mom", TV Commercial, Fugate Ford, John P., Director; Enumclaw, WA, Dec. 4, 2015

Model, Promo, American Express, Seattle Seahawks Game, Opinions Ltd., La'Meca, Team Lead; Seattle, WA, Dec. 20, 2015

Actress, "Shopper", Price Audit Project, Karla Kava Inc., Brenda Packard, Lead; Seattle, WA, Ongoing

Model, Promo, Seattle Mariners/City of Seattle, Karla Kava Inc., Brenda Packard, Lead; Seattle, WA, Ongoing

Actress, Lead, "Laura", Corporate Video, Microsoft, Design Labs/Lab 51 Media; Redmond, WA, May 3, 2016

Actress, "Art Collector", The Go Game, Ernst & Young, Brittany Bernan, Game Lead; Seattle, WA, June 14, 2016

Actress, Video, cut.com, Blaine Ludy, Director; Seattle, WA, Sept.30, 2016

Model, bumble&Bumble, Salon Bellezza, Bellevue, WA, Oct. 24, 2016

Model, Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, Bellevue, WA, Dec. 28, 2016

Model, Catherine Johnson, Artist; Kirkland, WA, Jan. 17, 2017

Actress, "Agent Airbrush", The Go Game, Precor, Kelly Rogala, Game Director; Bellevue, WA, Jan. 25, 2017

Model, Catherine Johnson, Artist; Kirkland, WA, Mar. 3, 2017

Actress, Video, cut.com, Blaine Ludy, director; May 2, 2017

Actress, "Historical Ballerina", The Go Game, TCS, Brett Jackson, Game Director; Seattle, WA, June 2017

Actress, The 100 Part 3, cut.com, Blaine Ludy, Director; Seattle, WA, June 30, 2017

Actress, :Dance Teacher,", The Go Game, Redfin, Mac Roche, Game Director; Seattle, WA, July 20, 2017

Model, Rait Stone, Photographer; Seattle, WA, July 28, 2017

Actress, "Unhappily Married Woman", Music Video, Emotepro, Kristy Jessica, Director; Renton, WA, August 9, 2017

Actress, Video, "People Who Have Never Shot A Gun Before,' cut.com, Blaine Ludy, director; Bellevue, WA, Nov. 9, 2017

Actress, "Whistler", The Go Game, Tableau, Seth Felix, Game Director; Seattle. WA, Jan. 23, 2018

Actress, "Mother", Music Video, Osatia, Kendall, Director; Seattle, WA, Feb. 24, 2018