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Pomme Paysanne (Peasant Potato)!

This is my most favorite recipe ever!  It's from a book by the actress Joan Collins, and she got it from the actor Laurence Harvey.

Pomme Paysanne (Peasant Potato)
Baking potato
Butter (regular, salted)
Sour cream
Scrub whole, unpeeled potato with water to clean.  Rub skin with butter or olive oil.
Prick a few times with fork so it doesn't explode in oven.
Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for about an hour, or until fork or knife goes in easily.
Split potato open on plate.
Layer the butter, sour cream, and caviar on the potato; as much as you'd like.  (I like a LOT!  =))
Bon Appetit!

I especially like this recipe on holidays.  It's very festive!  The smoothness of the potato blends perfectly with the silkiness of the sweet butter and sourness of the cream, and the saltiness of the caviar.
Any kind of caviar works wonderfully here.
You could also use creme fraiche, but I like the sourness of the sour cream better for this.  It's a more balanced taste to me.
Here's another fave recipe:
White Chocolate and Caviar
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!  LOLs!!!
Just break off a piece of white chocolate and spoon some caviar on  it and ENJOY!!!
(The salty/savory caviar counterpoints perfectly with the smooth/sweet white chocolate.)
Any kind of chocolate and caviar will work for this.
This is another great, festive holiday dish.

Mary's Sizzler Mousse!!!
Gently swirl equal parts chocolate mousse and whipped cream (you should see white streaks).
Stir in crushed up Oreo cookies and mini chocolate chips.

So easy, and soooo good!!!

(Recipe from a waiter at Sizzler--their version is yummy.)

Here's a non-food one:
Miss Mary's Mega Diamond Glitter Gel!!!
4 tablespoons clear aloe vera gel (without lidocaine)
1/2 teaspoon glitter
Mix in container (I like to use a squeeze travel tube and mix with chopstick) and apply evenly to skin.

(If you use craft glitter, do NOT apply around eyes!  Use cosmetic glitter for that.)
I wear glitter every day, and enjoy wearing the ones I make more than ones \I buy, lols.
And this pure aloe vera one is so much healthier than the ones you buy in a store, which are full of chemicals; and it also has an exfoliating effect because of the amount of glitter I use.