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The best beauty tip of all is to love and approve of yourself!  Spiritual purification practices help with this, see my site www.houseofopulentrichwitch.webs.com  for more.

For Glowing Skin:  Leave face, neck, chest, and upper back wet (best to do in tub or shower).  Use a facial scrub that does not have soap in it.  Take a small dollop and rub gently over face, neck, decolletage, and upper back.  Rub what's left on your hands over the backs of hands, elbows, knees, and feet.  Rinse off.  This exfoliates and polishes the skin.  I do this nightly. 

To Moisturize Skin:  Leave face and neck wet after cleansing.  Rub on Vitamin A cream (I get mine at the dollar store--one has retinyl acetate, the other retinyl palmitate, so you mix them for a "dual retinol" cream).  The cream locks in the moisture from the water.  At night, I add a dab on Vaseline on top, the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin, so it really seals in the moisture.  Don't get too near eyes, it'll clog your tear ducts.  You can also use olive oil and coconut oil on face, body, and hair.  (They are the best oils to eat, too.)  Thick drugstore hand cream works great, too!  Moisturize your entire body twice a day. 

Makeup Removal:  Always use non-oily makeup remover on eyes, it won't clog tear ducts.  Press saturated cloth to eye and leave there, let the remover do the work; then wipe gently away.  Rinse well.  Use baby shampoo for heavy eye makeup or occasionally to get all residue.  Rub on and rinse off. For heavy facial makeup, use Albolene cream.  It's very greasy and will cut through makeup while moisturizing the skin.  You can just wipe it off if your skin is dry, or you can do a gentle cleansing/moisturizing routine afterward if your skin is oilier.  Don't use Albolene on eyes. 

To Brighten Skin:  If your elbows and heels look dingy, cut a lemon in half.  Rub the lemon onto it for a minute or so, then rinse and moisturize.  The acidity will take away the dead skin and has a subtle bleaching effect. 

To Harden Nail Polish:  Let polish set for a few minutes.  Dip nails in ice water briefly, it will set the polish.  Gently brush off droplets of water, they will mark the polish if left on.

To Tell if Nail Polish is Set:  Gently lick the nail.  If it tastes "chemical-y," it's not set.  When it's dry, it has no taste. 

Great Hair Moisturizing:  Apply olive oil well to hair, comb through.  Wrap in saran wrap and sit in the sun for an hour.  Wash out.  The heat really deepens the conditioning effect.  Always comb through your conditioner before rinsing, it'll be more evenly distributed.

Hair Lightening:  Apply lemon juice to hair.  Wrap in saran wrap and sit in sun for an hour, wash out.  The heat and the lemon will bleach hair.

For Shiny Hair:  Do not dry hair, let it air-dry.  Using hot appliances on hair strip the moisture and oils away.

Coloring Gray Hair:  Gray hair is a mineral deficiency, and also comes from anger and stress.  Drink wheatgrass juice and be more aware of a healthy diet.  Handle your emotional stuff.  

Nail and Hair Health:  Nails and hair are made of protein.  Make sure to eat enough healthy, complete proteins daily.  A small package of gelatin in a cup of V-8 Juice also works, and can be used as a brief diet.  Always wear a nail strengthening polish, either under the color or alone.

Facial Mask:  Mix an egg white, some honey, and oatmeal.  Rub on face, neck, upper chest, and back.  Leave on 5 minutes, rinse well.  The egg tightens, the honey nourishes, and the oatmeal exfoliates.  For dry skin, use egg yolk instead of white.

Manicure/Pedicure Soak:  Add liquid dishwashing detergent to warm water.  (Use one with antibacterial agents for even more cleansing.)  Soak for 15 mins, then rinse.  Push back cuticles immediately, while they're soft.  The detergent cleanses and softens.

Internal Cleansing:  Eat a bowl of oatmeal daily.  Eat popcorn.  Disease starts in the colon, so make sure everything is moving through.  Also raisins and almonds are a great digestive aid.  Drink LOTS of water (at least a gallon) daily, it moves out toxins. 

Constipation:  Rub your hand clockwise in a circle on your whole stomach.  (The 12 on the clock is your pubic bone, the 6 is your solar plexus.)  Keep rubbing.  This stimulates the peristaltic (wave) motion in the intestines.  Consider the importance of touch to health!

Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, model, actress, choreographer, author, and songwriter.  She has a BA from the University of Washington.  She is a longtime student of spiritual healing.

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