Horses and Riders Training

                            Training offer


Prix Caprilli


Carriage Driving


     Young horses starting and training program

Young horses training program combines natural methods of communication and classic English riding style. Training builds strong relationship between horse and rider depended on trust and respect.

    Solid ground work prepares horse, physically and mentally to accept and carry the rider. Round pen work exercises and strengthens beck muscles responsible for carrying the saddle and rider.

Round pen work helps to built horses balance, regularity of the gates and teaches the horses to be sensitive for voice commands.

Retraining Program

 Retraining program for horses is prepared for horses started under the saddle but not ridden for a long time. Retraining program is also for horses causing the problems while ridden.

                      Training for Ponies and Small Horses

Starting under saddle, training ponies and small horses already under saddle. English rides, starting over cavaletti and over the fences, safe for kids, for pleasure riding and for shows.


                 Carriage Driving Training and Lessons

Foals Training

Halter training, walking on the lead rope, picking up legs.

          Training for horses under saddle

 Private lessons directed by individual  needs.

  - Stretching exercises and gymnastic rides

  -  Work over the polls, gymnastic jumps

  - Correctional rides for problem horses

           Contact me for training conditions and fees

 Horses coming for training need to present a negative Coggins test drawn in the previous 12 months, and current vaccinations. Owner will be asked to have the horse's teeth checked, and, if needed, floated and wolf teeth removed, horse's needs to be wormed  before coming for training. Prof from veterinarian required.