Horses and Riders Training

Lessons are available for all level all ages students. Convenient two north Austin riding facilities or at clients location.


                                * Sport Training 

Dressage and Jumping training for advanced riders, and for beginners.

Teaching inexperienced riders and horses at the same time, leading horse-rider team into the mutual trust and higher riding experience level.


       * Private, Semi-private and Group Lessons

Ground work lessons  for the owners and riders preparing the horses to work under the saddle.

  - Riding lessons for beginners (kids and adults).

  - Advanced trainings with dressage elements, ground work over the polls, jump lessons.

  - Individual and group trainings. 

Training or lesson is focused on horse's and rider's individual needs 


To learn more about riding lessons, sport practice and showing opportunities please visit the official riding team website:


Horse riding lessons, kids riding lessons, adult riding lessons.

Lesson fees start at $55
Show fees are $75 to $200 per show day depending on show location and rank.