The Clearest "U"

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I became certified as a Master Level Practitioner in Usui Reiki in 2001.  I was taught a slightly modified version of the Tradition Reiki.  The teaching is basically the same but the symbols are modified to fit a bit better with the western mind.  I have at last count over 20 students.  I prefer teaching one on one or with people who are already connected to each other.  I find that it's easier to answer people's questions and help them work with their own style of channeling. 

For those that do not know anything about Reiki it is originally a Japanese art of energy healing.  Since being introduced to the United States many different forms and modifications have been created.  There are now so many different types of Reiki that any one can find a type that works best with their mind and spirit. 

When I was first taught Reiki, I was told that once you reach master level your only limitations to the energy amount of energy that you can channel is based on your focus, use and ability.  There seems to be many disagreements about which type of Reiki is stronger.  When you are speaking of energy (in my opinion) stronger does not exist.  It is only a question of whether the technique is effective. 

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