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How is your body feeling?  If you are experiencing aches and/or tightness in your body a good massage may be just the cure for you. A good massage can also help you experience a heightened feeling of relaxation or can release energy/emotions that may have taken up residence in the muscle tissue. 

I perform primarily swedish and hot stone massage.  I enjoy being able to connect with the human body and release physical tension and/or stress. I perform some deep tissue work.   I prefer to use the hot stone to relax and release tension almost like melting it away.  This is especially effective on clients who have fibromyalgia.  The nervous system seems to react differently to the stones then to regular massage.  It is also important to note that cold can be counter indicated for people with fibromyalgia that is why heat is so effective. 

I have been licensed to practice massage in CT since 2001   My license number is 2549.  I travel to homes as well as work out of an office in Middletown.  If you have a massage in the comfort of your home it increases its benefits because you can relax for the rest of the day. 

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