The Clearest "U"

Compassion, Readings, Healing, Teaching and Massage

Empowerment Counseling

This is a phrase that I came up to describe the rest of the work that I do with people that doesn't fall into a specific category.   You may have noticed that there is are quite a few people suffering from depression, fear, anxiety and powerlessness in our modern world. There are many factors effecting this prevailing situation.  

I have a strong talent in teaching people skills and providing them with other resources to increase their success and power.  I have studied many different spiritual techniques.  I have worked with people who have suffered from many different types of trauma.  I can relate well to the many various personal struggles that people go through.  While I do not have a psycholgy degree I have been known to help and assist those that haven't found success through traditional therapy.  I do not claim that everyone can be "cured" but anyone's quality of live can be improved. 

I have worked with people who suffer situations of being lost or without purpose.  I help people improve their communication skills to better relate to coworkers, friends, relationships, and family.  I have guided people to create new habits to success.  I have even worked with those who struggle with severe issues such as suicidal thoughts and the after-effects of abuse(physical, mental and sexual).