Hilltown Hoot



With the budget cuts over the last few years, our schools have had to look for other means to maintain programs and services many of us enjoyed as students not so long ago.The HILLTOWN HOOT is "fun"raising in the Hilltown style: local people getting together in the great outdoors to eat good food, see old friends, make new friends, dance to good music, and support our community's children. It is like barn raising with a soundtrack.The best part of the Hilltown Hoot is that 100% of the proceeds go right to the schools. It is ALL VOLUNTEER and our community money stays in our community.
In 2007 we started the Hoot by collaborating with the Becket / Washington PTO. It was a great success raising over $3000. In our 4th year, we stepped it up a few notches and added Berkshire Trail, Kittredge, Craneville, Nessacus and Wahconah schools.We added check boxes on the tickets so that you can decide exactly where your money goes (check as many as you like).

Please join us on Sunday, September 18th
Please let all of your family and friends know about the Hilltown Hoot!

We have all of the schools in the district participating in the Hilltown Hoot!
On our tickets we put check boxes so ticket holders can choose what school they would like their ticket money to go to
Becket Washington,
Berkshire Trail, Craneville, and Kittredge are selling tickets through the schools this year and fliers went home with Nessacus students!


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