Hilltown Hoot


Event Schedule

2011 Talent: Times subject to change
12:00-12:35 Becket Washington School Band led by Melissa Campbell
12:40-1:15 Terry a la Berry & Friends (Elizabeth & Tish)
1:20-1:55 Hilltown Zydeco String Band (Sean Connors & Friends)
2:00-2:35 Square Dancing with Cliff Brodeur
2:40-3:15 Modest Me (Krishna Guthrie, Jay Gelinas)
3:20-3:55 Ryan Blessing
4:00-4:35 Annie Guthrie
4:40-5:15 Jordan Weller

5:20-5:55 Xavier (Abe Guthrie, Tim Sears, Randy Cormier & Dan Teichert) 
6:15-7:00 Arlo Guthrie

We are also having:

Bake Sale if bringing an item, please list ingredients for those w/ allergies :)
Kids Activities * Food Ozzie's * Crafts J
ewelry, Handcrafted Items, Wraps & Tats, Mary Kay & more
There will be a limited quantity of Hoot tee-shirts and frisbees available for sale on a first come / first serve basis so get there early!


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