Letters To Momma

Our Roots


   The Main Man                                                              


Armond Henry Wheeler

   April 6.1906 to Feb 5, 1985

 "The Head    of   our                                                                                         Family "                                                                                            .

                             "This is My Gramps." 

He was one of the toughest men I have ever known. I will always remember him with love and respect. I could tell you alot stories about him. One of the first thing I can remember was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My mom had taken me over to Granpa's and Granma's  house, cause I had all these spots on me. I'll never forget him looking at me and saying, "Yep, she's got the measles. That's sure as hell what it is alright." Needless to say off to the doctors with me. A Shot in the butt.        

      Another time, My aunts and I were playing in the car, I guess Squeak was about 6, Bob was maybe 5 and me 4, I guess. well anyways we were playing in the car and knocked out of gear. I know we were young and still lived in N.Y. , We lived on a hill and when we knocked it out of gear it rolled down the hill backwards, across the road and into the ditch. Man did he holler. But I can't remember if we got a woopin or not. Funny thinking of it thow. One time when I was little  though he broke my heart. He called us girls little Rips . I cried that night , cause I thought that was such a bad thing. Needless to say when I got about 11 years old I looked it up in the dictionary and found out it was only a hell raiser.  I can still here him saying "Hark you dam Girls! Hark!" There are alot of good memeries of my Gramps. But I could never say them all and I think I'll keep some of the Just for me and mine. He was the best Grandfather anyone could ask for. I love him dearly.

     Granma     The Thead that binded our   Family    together                                                               

     April 16, 1919


    Feb 22, 1964                                                                                                                                      I was very young when I lost my Grandmother, I had just turn 7 years old the month before. We had just lost my  Uncle Dicky, he was only 12 years old and died of lung cancer. Our family had suffered a horrible loss. I was so mad at Granma for leaving me. I would let myself cry. I was so hurt that she left me. I can still remember what I Had wore to her funneral, right down to the ugly boots. But I loved her so much. No matter how bad things were cause Dicky was so sick, I can still rember how much I loved her. I can remember I was really little and I was in the hospital, Granma was there with me and she gave me a squirrel made out of an inner tube. At least I think that is what it was made of. I must have been 2 or 3 I guess. The funniest thing I can remeber Granma did was when I was 5, I think. We had moved to the coal region in Pa. We  lived across the road from Granma  and Granpa. My brother had pead in the light socket and it had started a fire. I don't  Think it was really a fire , I guess it just was smoken. Any ways The fire truck came and Gramma tipped  the flowers over and told them that that was what had happened. But it wasn't, Wally did it. Everyone should be as Blessed as I was.  I had The Best Grandmother and Grandfather any one could ever have. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful Gift.


Horace Jackson  was My Grandfather born, June 8,1017


In Pharsalia, NewYork 

We never had the pleasure of knowing him for he was Killed in the war March 30,1945.

   Ma was Just a Little Girl. But he has  always been remembered.


Violet Margaret Murray Was my Mothers mother.

Born April 22,1922 in Pharsalia

Died January24, 1995 Norwich New York

The First Generation


The First Generation

Aunt Charly ( Charlene), Granma Coon, (Violet), Aunt 

Carol Debbie,Ma, (Sharon), Dad, ( Sonny- Armond)

Me, (Peggy), Kandy, Arnold Debby and Wally, (Armond)  

 one dogs name is Princess

Hale Street, Norwich, Ny    

 "July 4,1971"                




Second Generation


The Second Generation Armanda, Ma,(Sharon), Arnold and Dad (Sonny-Armond),

Mark, Shelly, Adriann, Mathew and John Bainbridge, Ny  (1982)?