Letters To Momma


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  Memorie of Our Mother 


  "Sharon Georgianna Jackson"



            Welcome to Family , Freinds and Anyone missing your "Mom".

  How many times do you call your Mother??

Do you call her for nothing? Do you call her, because something happened that made you think of something you wanted to tell her, Because a movie is coming on and you want to share it with her, You need to know something about your family, you need a shoulder to cry on,  someone to vent with, someone to gossip with , someone to tell a joke to or just because you miss her?  I use to call mind for all of the above.  From stupid to serious. For nothing at All.

   Oh, yes I can still talk to her and yes she maybe listenig. I can even send her an Instant Message.  There is only one problem thou.  She can not IM me back, I can not call her on the phone and watch a movie together, gossip or talk of old stories. The only remembering being done is in my mind by me.  I miss her so. She is and will always be in my heart  and on my mind.

 I hope that you leave this site with a smile on your face and a warm thoughts in your heart for your Mom. Appreciate your mother while she is with you and do not make the same mistake that I did by thinking she would always be there. I took it forgranted that my Mom would always be there, but I was wrong.