Heather Josephine Pue

Falling into Darkness (hillary/magnus)

The following is an excerpt from my novel, Falling into Darkness (hillary/magnus).  It is the love story of Hillary Shy and Magnus Layton, but it is also the story of Hillary's friend, Fira Cooper.  The story takes place over a fifteen year time span, recording the major events in the characters' lives from the time they are fourteen to twenty-nine.

     Fira sits on her bed, painting her nails a light purple. On the floor, Lelia is putting Sarah’s long, sandy-blonde hair into two plaits. Veronica is reading a tabloid magazine and Hillary stares at the ceiling, lost in thought.
     Two weeks have passed since the three girls had their conversation in the warehouse and no one has mentioned the boy since. As Lelia predicted, the press has forgotten, but inside each of them, in a place so hidden they themselves overlook it, they have not forgotten.
     “Your hair is such a mess,” Lelia complains.
     “It was your choice to plait it – don’t complain,” Sarah replies.
     “Some bastard kid says Brad Pitt is his father,” Veronica says, putting the magazine down. “He wants child support.”
     “Hey, Brad Pitt is my father too,” Lelia says with a laugh.
     “Your father is a dead pervert,” Hillary says.
     “Hey, my mom said they were in love - he didn’t know she was pregnant when he left.”
     “That’s what they all say.”
     “You’re a bitch, you know that? Can I slap you? I’m gonna slap you hard.” Lelia drops Sarah’s hair, the plaits loosening without her grasp, and moves towards Hillary. Sarah pulls her back.
     “She’s not worth it.”
     “Guys,” Fira whispers, but no one hears her. They’re too busy yelling at each other.
     “Face it, neither of your parents wanted you.”
     “Why did they both run off on you?”
     “My father never knew he had a kid and my mother didn’t run off. She...she…” Lelia stutters.
     “Guys,” Fira whispers. “Guys!” she shouts. They all turn to look at her. She is looking down at her nails. “I think I’m pregnant,” she whispers so quietly they can hardly hear it.