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    Satya Maywa Jaiyate/ Truth Alone Triumphs

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Please join us every Sunday from 10:30 -12:30 for Service



Invite your friends and family for Anniversary Celebration

Sat 20 Jan @ 5:30 pm ,HDSM 24th Anniversary celebration in HDSM Banquet hall ,dinner will be served and the stage will be open for singing,karaoke,Dance etc.

Please pass /share like this invitation to your friends and family.



Rescheduled for this Saturday 20th Jan. @ 5:30.

(The program was cancelled due to the snow storm on 13th .)

Do have a wonderful Day

Join us at HDSM for the last   Shri Satnarayan Puja for 2018 on TUE 30th Jan  from 7:00pm at HDSM

When to Perform Satyanarayan Puja


On behalf of the management and Executive committee of HDSM, 

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your family for your generosity over the years.

Currently we are embarking on a fund raising project where our goal is to raise approximately $40,000 remaining ,to pay for the completion (the facade) of this front renovation of the Mandir .

Your donation to will help our community and others to recognize your Mandir from far because the outside view will not be like an office building rather  as a Mandir shape.

 We therefore are asking for your kind generosity in helping our mission, by donating .

Your contribution is Tax deductible and will be acknowledge with a Tax receipt.

Thank-You for your support and generosity.   धन्यवादdhanyavaad    



Dance /Kirtan Classes; Call HDSM Members

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