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Bartlesville Ice Cream Truck  -  Basic MENU  2018 Season  ...



***   Note 2018 Update(s) will change when new menu is available

***may have minor change in prices 

   Keeping our prices $$ LOW  & AFFORDABLE since 2005 !!!!!  [ $ .50 to $2.00 ]

( Ice Cream Bars and Novility Cones change weekly / monthly based on current stock & Availability from distributor )

All products we carry are available for Special events / company party / function.

Our Prices " Start "  at just $ .50 for the Jr Bomb Pops, RWB, Twins, etc....

All our Snow Cone(s) - Flavors Just $ .75   Mixed,  Rainbow,.. ALWAYS Same price !

Our Basic Bars / Push Ups / Novility / Klondikes  vary from $ .75, $1.00  $ 1.50

Our Face Bars, and a limited select items are $ 2.00 Max ,.

We carry a Full line of 110+  Items total ,.. NOT all are on board during our street service , However all are limited to availability at the time,..  We do have " Specialty Items "  MAX price is $ 2.50  for  " 5 "  ( Pint Ice Cream tubs on a requested basis )

We also have a limited line of Sugar Free, & Frozen Yogurt products, in different sizes..

(please send us an Email / or use the Contact US - to request / add your favorite bar / flavor to the menu

A very "Short List" of some of the items include but NOT LIMITED  to:  

( New items change throughout the year ) may not show all items listed as pictured / changes,..


Nutty Bar, Assorted Popcicles, Ice Cream Sandwich, Chlocoalet Eclair's Dream Bars, Fudge Bars,  UFO sandwich, & Royale Cone's


Fudge bars, Lick a color, Rainbow push-up's, Bublegum Swirl, Buble gum screwball, cotton candy swirl.

Good Humor:

Chlocolate Eclair, King Cone, Cookie sandwich, Reeses PB Bar, Glow Pops, Bullet pop, Double Fudge Bar,

NOVILITY FACE BARS: Changes as supply is Available:

ITTY BITS - Frozen Treat Cups:  9 different flavors - Changes as supply is Available:


( *** Not all items are Pictured  *** )

( Subject to change during the Spring / Summer Fall Season !) 



SNOW CONES115 Flavors available..  Our Normal onboard  ( 24 flavors - rotates )

 ALWAYS EVERYDAY low price of ONLY  $ .75 each cone  !!!!

We Specialize in Fresh, Handmade - Real " Gold Medal " SNO-KONE'S " 

NEVER Hard frozen or overpriced !!   

Most Common flavors carried - changes on demand

Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Bubble gum, Lemon Lime, RootBeer, Banana, Water Melon, Banana, Lemon Lime, Green Apple, Grape, & Tiger Blood ...